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How To Share/Transfer Data: Code for Airtel, MTN, GLO, 9Mobile

by NaijNaira
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How To Transfer Data

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Are you wondering how to transfer data on MTN, Airtel, GLO and 9Mobile (Etisalat)? Sharing data on a mobile network is easier than ever, with each network offering its own options for transferring data.

Do you know how to transfer data on Airtel, MTN, GLO and 9Mobile? I’m going to teach you that and many more in this post.

Come to think of it, how did Airtel know to have used the slogan DATA IS LIFE in one of their adverts?

Did you know that without data you are dead…I mean your phone or whatever device you’re using is dead?!

Tell me one meaningful thing you could be doing on your phone or laptop without data. If there is, why are you using a smartphone? Why not just carry about the tonosobe phones that don’t need data subscriptions? In fact, have you not rendered the smartphone in your hand useless without having data on it?

Nawa for you o!

Anyway, if you are among those who often run out of data or those who never do have data, or do you have friends and family or someone whom you want to share data with? You should thank your stars as mobile telecom providers have now made it possible to transfer data.

Below, I have given a step-by-step guide on how to transfer data or share it with others from any of the four major networks in Nigeria.

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How To Transfer Data On Airtel

Here is how to share data from Airtel to Airtel. Sharing data on Airtel to Airtel is not a difficult task at all. With the Airtel Data Share, AKA Me2U, transferring any amount of MB or GB of data from Airtel SIM has been made possible.

See the Airtel to Airtel data transfer code below to know how to share data in Airtel but you need to follow the steps in order to share data on the Airtel Nigeria network.

How To Create Pin For Airtel Data Transfer

I will now take you through how to share data on Airtel. See how to create PIN for Airtel data transfer below:

  • Dial *141#
  • Select the “Share Data” option. It’s option 8 on the list
  • Select option 2 which is the “Data Me2U”
  • Select “Enter from existing balance”
  • Enter the recipient’s number and amount of data to send
  • Send

That’s how to share data Airtel to Airtel. Call customer care to check your Airtel shared data list.

How To Share Data In MTN

Here is how to share data from mtn to mtn. To transfer data on MTN to MTN number, you have three options to choose from. You can transfer MTN data to another MTN user via USSD, SMS, or the MTN App. The question now is what to dial to transfer MTN data. What is the data transfer code for MTN?

How To Share Data on MTN Using USSD Code

  • MTN USSD code for sharing data is *131*7# which you have to dial on your phone’s caller app
  • Select option 1: Transfer from data balance
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number
  • Select the amount of data to send
  • Select option 1: Confirm Transaction

How To Transfer Data On MTN Via SMS

  • Open your message app
  • Type “Transfer” followed by friend’s number followed by data amount. For example Transfer 08130479800 1000
  • Send “Message” to 131

If your data transfer is successful, you will know when a confirmation message is sent to your phone.

How To Transfer Data Using MyMTN App

  • Login to MyMTN mobile app. If you don’t have the app, you can download it and register your details
  • On the app’s homepage, click on the “Share” option
  • You will be shown data and airtime sharing options. Select  “Data”
  • Enter the amount of data you wish to share, and the recipient’s phone number
  • Select “Proceed”

That’s it on how to share data mtn. Those are the three ways to transfer MTN data to another SIM line. But what is the code to know who is sharing your data on MTN and how do you remove them?

How To Unshare Data On MTN

Normally on MTN, you can’t share data when you have less than 250MB. MTN will stop sharing your data with your beneficiaries once you’ve exhausted your current data plan.

In other words, you can’t unshare data until your current plan is exhausted or below 250MB. So when you purchase a new MTN data bundle, the initially registered recipients cannot share in your newly purchased data except, of course, you add them up again.

However, you can still remove a beneficiary from MTN data sharing by simply dialling 1312# on your mobile device and press send. Just follow the popup instructions and that’s it.

Before I move on to Glo, have you seen the new MTN MiFi deals available in Nigeria?

Let me now show you how to share data on mtn to other network.

USSD Code for How To Transfer Data From Mtn To Airtel

Here’s how to share data from MTN to Airtel. Can I really tell you how to share data on Mtn to Airtel? Well, if you are wondering how to transfer data from MTN to Airtel, unfortunately, it is not possible as there is no known authentic USSD code to perform that action.

It is only possible to transfer data between two SIM cards on the same network – either MTN to MTN or Airtel to Airtel.

If you would like to transfer to an Airtel line, then the simplest way is to use your mobile banking app to purchase data for the Airtel line.

How To Transfer Data From Mtn To 9mobile (Etisalat)

Unfortunately, MTN does not allow from MTN to 9mobile (Etisalat). To send data to a friend using the 9mobile network, you can use your bank account to transfer the data. Banks typically offer a money transfer service, which you can use to send data from one mobile provider to another.

How To Share/Transfer Data On GLO

Here’s how to share data on Glo. To share GLO data with another GLO line works in three ways, just like with MTN. There is the direct GLO data code, the normal USSD that we all know and the SMS.

Share GLO Data With Direct Code

  • Dial *127*01* followed by the recipient’s phone number. For example, *127*01*07130556655#
  • Press send

Share Data With USSD Code

  • Dial *777#.
  • Select option 1 which is “Data”
  • Select option 2 which is “Share data plan”
  • Choose option 1 which is “Share”
  • Enter the recipient’s phone number and send

Once your GLO data share is successful, you should get a message confirming it.

Share GLO Data Via SMS

  • Enter your messaging app
  • Type “Share”, followed by the recipient’s number
  • Send to 127

How To Transfer Data From Glo To Other Network

Want to transfer data from GLO to another network? Or how to share data from glo to mtn? Unfortunately, this isn’t possible. Nonetheless, you can send your friends and family data from GLO through your bank account if they subscribe to another network service.

Unlike other network providers, you can remove someone from sharing GLO data with you. If you’re tired of gifting a particular recipient, or even all of them your GLO share data, then follow the steps below to stop sharing data:

How To Remove Share Data On GLO

Using Special Code

Dial *127*01*<recipient’s number>#

Another way to remove numbers from GLO share data is via SMS.

Using SMS

  • Enter your messaging app
  • Type “Remove” followed by their number
  • Send to 127

How To Check If Someone Is Sharing Your Data On GLO

To know if someone is sharing your data on GLO, dial *127*00# or send “List” to 127 and a list of people sharing in your GLO subscription will be displayed.

How To Transfer Data On 9mobile/Etisalat

Let’s now take a look at the 9mobile data transfer code (that’s former Etisalat). What is the code for sharing data on 9mobile? As a 9Mobile user, you require a PIN to share data and the default PIN for all users is 0000. However, you have to change this PIN to use it.

To create, change or reset the data transfer PIN on 9mobile, dial *247*default PIN*new PIN#. A confirmation message will be sent to you if you did the right thing by changing your PIN code.

How To Activate Data Transfer On 9mobile

To activate the data transfer service on 9mobile, dial *229* followed by your new PIN, data amount, and beneficiary’s number, then send. For example, *229*1234*1000*071324882210#.

A confirmation message will be sent to you if you do it right.

Unfortunately, you will have to talk to their customer service to check the shared data balance on 9mobile or even if you wish to know how to cancel or unshare data on 9mobile.

How To Transfer Data From 9mobile To Airtel

Looking to transfer data from 9mobile to Airtel but don’t know how? Unfortunately, this is not possible. Data transfers must occur between 9Mobile users only.

However, if you have a friend on another network and wish to share data with them, you can send the data to them through your bank account.

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Wrap on How to share data

Now that you know How To Transfer Data, don’t think that you can now just carry your phone and start sharing.  There are some things you need to know. You must have enough data before you can qualify to share data with anyone. What am I even saying? You try transferring data without having any and see whether it will work!

Secondly, you need to know that you can share your data with people who use the same service provider as yours only. If you use Airtel like me, that means I can share data with other Airtel users only. The same applies to other networks.

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