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Transportation Business in Nigeria – How to Get Started

Have you ever thought of how to start and run a successful transportation business in Nigeria? Well, today is your lucky day. This piece of writing will answer lots of questions and provide answer to your quest and problems as you read along.

transportation business in nigeria

Transport business is one that is very lucrative. This is because of the solution it provides to the ever increasing population of Nigeria. It solves the need to sojourn from one location to the other.

If you take a careful look at these transport companies in Nigeria you will realize that they make good money on a daily basis especially on festive periods when people will be migrating from their base location to the village and vice versa.

What is Transportation?

This is the act of conveying people, goods or Wares, luggages and other materials from one place to another, using a mechanical means, vehicles, bikes, trucks and others locomotive machines.

Over the years, some transport companies have been greatly successful in the business of shifting people. Companies like Peace mass transit, God is good motors and others have stood head strong and prominent in the business. You can’t talk about transportation companies in Nigeria and not mention their names.

Types of Transportation System in Nigeria

When ever transportation and transport business is mentioned, people tend to look just at the aspect of commercial bus transportation system. However, this business goes beyond just the bus transportation thing. It began from time way back when animals were used to move people around to different areas.

1.) Motor Bikes

The use of motorcycles as a means of transportation has been used and is still being use to convey people and goods from place to place at a fee. Okada, as it is commonly called here in Nigeria is used to carry one to two passengers at a time.

But this system of using bikes for transportation is gradually fading away as a ban has been placed on the use of commercial bikes in some cities of Nigeria.

The use of bike for transportation is limited to a short distance trip. Although, some people still appreciate it, because of its convinience in terms of being fast.

2.) Keke na Pep

Tricycle, Aka Keke napep or marwa as it is fondly called here is also a means of transportation. This machine is gradually taking the place of motor bikes in Nigeria, since it is more secured compared to bikes. This tricycle has three tyres, a covering and it is great in maneuvering its way in trafficked areas. This machine is designed to convey 3 passengers at a fee. Although, drivers carry up to 4 or 5 passengers at once.

3.) Taxis / Cab

This too is very lucrative in transport business. Drivers pick and drop off passengers at their destination and continue till its night. This type is also refered to as gown service. Some drivers get registered to pick up passengers from the airport and drop them off at the their destination. Theu also take passengers to the airport at a fee

4.) Commercial Busses

This deals with the use of luxury busses, mini busses and other passengers vehicles to carry people from one destination to the other, usually through a long distance. This is where you get to see the likes of GIG motors, PMT and others.

5.) Hire-Purchasing

This deals with an indirect involvement in transportation business. Here, your money works for you. You purchase a vehicle at the rate of #100,000 for instance and give it to a willing driver that will pay you back with interest of around half the money you bought the vehicle within an agreed period. Once the driver is unable to pay back, the owner takes back the vehicle or as agreed on the paper.

6.) Trucking

It deals with using your truck or tank to carry goods and Wares for costumers. Water tanker, fuel tanker, tipper, and other heavy vehicles are used for this type of business.

7.) Other types include aircraft, trains, boat and canoe for transporting people and goods.

Although, this is done in a large scale.

How to Start off with Transportation Business in Nigeria 2020

Here are the things you need to do before you start this business.

1.) Decide on the type of Transportation you wish to start

Knowing all these types of transportation means, the first thing to do is choose the type you wish and desire to get engaged in. Bike, vehicle, etc. Consider also your financial strength, cost of maintaining it and your ability to drive well.

2.) Decide on your choice route.

Once you have answered the first question, the next thing to do is to decide on the routes you wish to ply, how familiar you are with the routes and the profit thst you will expecting from the routes.

3.) Get your Transport device registered

Once you have purchased your vehicle for transportation purpose, the next thing to do after choosing your routes is to get your vehicle registered with the right and appropriate unions. Ensure you get the necessary permits that are essential to use the road.

4.) After doing all these, the next thing that follows is to get a driver or you choose to do it yourself.

The rest move is dependent on your choice, either to expand the business or to use the money to run other things.


Transportation business in Nigeria is lucrative but you have to follow the right process in order not to get ban by the unions.

To grow this business, you need to have plans and stay focus on your goal to achieve your dream.

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