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Tyson Fury’s wife Paris dumps his £40million boxing firm

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World heavyweight champion Tyson Fury’s wife, Paris has quit hubby’s £40million firm to start her own business empire.

His wife quit as a director of Tyson Fury Ltd on August 4 and set up Paris Fury Ltd the same day.

The 32-year-old formally registered her new venture last week to manage book deals and other merchandising.

Filings at Companies House state it will deal in “online retail, book publishing, PR and communications, and advertising”.

Her debut book Love and Fury, revealing the highs and lows of her marriage, was a bestseller last year.

A source said: “Paris is a successful businesswoman and starting her own firm is a reflection of that.

“She is already a successful author and TV personality and has a lot of projects, including another book, in the pipeline.”

The world heavyweight champ has repeatedly praised the mum of six for helping him become a massive star.

Her move comes as Tyson once again announced he was retiring – three days after challenging Derek Chisora to a third fight.

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