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‘Somebody’s Son’ – Tiwa Savage’s Twist of Fate

by NaijNaira
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‘Somebody’s Son’ – Tiwa Savage

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Popular Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage has clarified what led to her hit song ‘Somebody’s son.

The mother of one said the song is not about relationships but about Jesus Christ.

Tiwa said this in a viral video during her performance.

According to her, people told her the song was not going to be a hit because it relates to just women.

However, she corrected the narrative because everyone needs somebody’s son, ‘Jesus Christ’.

Tiwa said: “They said this song would not be a hit because only females will listen to it. Men are not going to sing Somebody’s son.

“But you know when I wrote this song, I was not thinking about a relationship but Jesus Christ because he’s the real somebody’s son.

“So I said to doubters that people will relate to this song whether you’re a man or woman because we all need somebody’s son.”

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