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UEFA Champions League Prize Money Breakdown (2022-23 Season)

by NaijNaira
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UEFA Champions League Prize Money

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How much is the UEFA Champions League prize money?

Last season’s champions of European football’s most prestigious club competition, Real Madrid will be gunning for another title in this year’s UEFA Champions League.

Meanwhile, Premier League quartet Chelsea, Liverpool, Manchester City and Tottenham Hotspur will also be aiming to get their hands on the trophy too.

But how much is the Champions League prize money that is up for grabs?

As 32 of Europe’s biggest and best teams prepare to compete for club football’s greatest prize, NaijNaira takes a look at how much can they earn.

A breakdown of Champions League prize money for the 2022/23 season, including the total amount that each team gets and how much the winner receives are all outlined below.

Real Madrid beat Liverpool to win 14th European title

How much prize money teams get for winning the Champions League in 2022/23?

In total, an estimated €3.5billion (£3.019billion) is the gross revenue from the 2022/23 Champions League, Europa League and Europa Conference League and the 2022 UEFA Super Cup. But only €2.732bn (£2.357bn) out of that amount is available for distribution to participating clubs.

Clubs competing in the Champions League and the Super Cup will receive €2.032bn (£1.753bn), but it is €2.002bn (£1.727bn) that will be shared for participating clubs in the group stage onwards before being split four ways:

  • 25% will be allocated to starting fees (£431.4m)
  • 30% will be allocated to performance-related fixed amounts (£517.7m)
  • 30% will be allocated to coefficient-based amounts (£517.7m)
  • and 15% will be allocated to variable amounts (market pool) (£258.7m)

How is prize money distributed in Champions League?

All qualified 32 teams in the Champions League group stage will receive a starting fee of €15.64m (£13.48m).

It doesn’t stop there, group stage performance bonuses will also be paid for each match – €2.8m (£2.4m) for a win and €930,000 (£802,000) for a draw.

Only on the basis of performances over a ten-year period that the coefficient shares are paid, including bonus points for winning the UCL/European Champion Clubs’ Cup, the UEL/UEFA Cup and the Cup Winners’ Cup.

What the lowest-ranked team receives is one share, i.e. (€1.137m/£980k), while the highest-ranked team receives 32 shares, i.e. (€36.38m/£31.36m).

A share of UEFA’s market pool will also be paid to teams which are €300.3m (£258.7m) pot of broadcasting money.

Fifty percent of the amount is split based on performances in the previous domestic campaign, while the fifty percent is split based on the number of matches played by each club in the 2022/23 Champions League.

How much does the 2022/23 Champions League winner get?

See a breakdown of the prize money available to the winner:

  • All 32 clubs in  group stages receive a base payment of €15.64m (£13.48m)
  • Winning a match in the group stage is worth an additional €2.8m (£2.4m), while a draw earns a team €930,000 (£802,000)
  • Getting to the round of 16 earns an additional €9.6m (£8.2m)
  • Quarter-finalists make €10.6m (£9.1m)
  • Semi-finalists make €12.5m (£10.7m)
  • And the finalists receive €15.5m (£13.3m) with €4.5m (£3.8m) for the champions

Thus, the Champions League winner will receive €68.34m (£58.99m).

Now, here is what makes it more interesting, if they also win all six of their group matches, then they will receive a combined total of €85.14m (£73.49m) in prize money, before coefficient shares and market pool funds come into play.

So much money, right?

That’s the Champions League prize money breakdown in full.

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