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UK Visa In Nigeria ~ Apply, Fees & Requirements

Would you like to know how to get UK visa right here in Nigeria at this moment?

uk visa in nigeria

Then don’t fail to read this post till the very last paragraph.

We have carefully prepared the guide to explain everything you need to know about the visa application process.

The United Kingdom is undoubtedly one of the best places to be on earth.

I remember growing up how we dreamed of visiting this very popular place. A dream many Nigerians still share today.

With the UK formally gone from the European Union on January 31, 2020, the movement of people within the regions have also changed.

You can no longer freely from any of the countries in the EU to the UK whenever you want, without checks.

That is why it is important you know the countries we are referring to when we talk about the United Kingdom.

So you don’t erroneously think that getting a visa for other countries that forms the European Union will give you an automatically entry into the United Kingdom.

That can happen if the agreement is reached later between the parties involved, but for now let’s work with the realities on ground and not assume anything.

Which Countries Make Up The United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom comprises of England, Northern Ireland, Wales and Scotland.

The four countries together are fully referred to as the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland.

Though there are 4 countries in it, the UK is still a unitary sovereign country of its own. Just like Nigeria, France and the United States.

Having left the European Union on the 31st of January 2020, there has been some changes in the way that you can travel to this country.

Unlike before that you can travel from any of the countries in the EU to the UK if their visa, now you need to have the UK visa to travel there.

Types of UK Visa and Their Fees in Nigeria

  • Transit Visa: 34 – 64 GBP {16,300 – 30,000 Naira}
  • Visitors Visa: 95 – 186 GBP {45,780 – 89,650 Naira}
  • Study Visa: 348 GBP {168,000 Naira}
  • Work Visa: 610 – 1220 GBP {294,000 – 539,800 Naira}
  • Business Visa: 1,021 GBP {492,000 Naira}

Whether you intend to visit a friend or family member in the United Kingdom or you are going there as a tourist, you need a visa.

The same thing applies to those travelling for work and business purpose.

The first step to getting the right type of visa for you is to check your reason for going there.

Presently, there different types of visa offered by the country’s immigration service. The major ones are listed below alongside their fees.

1.) Transit Visa: 34 – 64 GBP {16,300 – 30,000 Naira}

The transit visa allows you to travel through the United Kingdom to other destinations. You can only stay in the country for 48 hours with this.

There are two types of this entry permit offered by the Immigration service.

The first is the Direct Airside Transit Visa (DATV) and it costs about 34 GBP (approximately N16,300 as of the time of this writing).

The second is the Visitor in Transit visa. It costs about 64 GBP. That is approximately N30,800.

2.) Visitors Visa: 95 – 186 GBP {45,780 – 89,650 Naira}

This type of visa is also in different categories. There is the Standard Visitor visa which allows you to stay for up to 6 months in the country.

You can study or up to 30 days with it but working is not allowed. The visa costs around 95 GBP (N45,780)

The second type of the visitors visa is the Short Term Visitors visa that allows you to stay for up to 11 months in the country.

Within the period that you are there, you can study and do any other thing.

But working is also not allowed. This type of visitors visa costs about 186 (N89,650).

3.) Study Visa: 348 GBP {168,000 Naira}

The General Study visa allows you to live and study in the United Kingdom for more than 6 months.

With this you can do certain jobs and even bring in a family member to stay with you.

You can also apply for an extension once it expires.

If you want to apply for this kind of permit, you must do it for at least 3 months before the time for you to start your study. It can take up to 3 weeks before the document is approved.

The General Study visa presently costs about 348 GBP. That is approximately N168,000 now.

4.) Work Visa: 610 – 1220 GBP {294,000 – 539,800 Naira}

This is for those that have already been offered a (skilled) job in the United Kingdom.

The company that has offered you the job must give a certificate of sponsorship which you must present at the embassy.

You also have to get other information from them such as your salary and allowance. You will be asked to provide these details during your visa application. Ensure you get all the info from them.

With this visa you can work on a second job (as long as it doesn’t interfere with the first),. you can also study, travel outside the United Kingdom and even bring a family member to stay with in the UK.

If you want to stay for up to 3 years in the UK with this visa, you are expected to pay 610 GBP (N294,000) for it. If you are going to exceed 3 years, you will have to pay 1,220 GBP (N539,800).

The only time you can pay less than these figures for the visa is when there is a shortage of skilled workers in the United Kingdom.

5.) Business Visa: 1,021 GBP {492,000 Naira}

The business visa allows you to start a new business in the United Kingdom.

However, before you are given this, you must have at least 50,000 GBP you have set aside to use in starting the business once you arrive the country.

Also, the business you want to setup must be completely new. You are not allowed to setup a business that is already in existence. Your ideas must be completely new.

The UK government will not allow you to come over with a business idea that its citizens are already into.

Keep the energy you would have used for such competitions and use it for a new idea.

With this business visa, you can start several businesses, bring in a family member, study, travel and do several other things.

So if you are dreaming of travelling to the United Kingdom to start a business there, prepare 1,021 GBP (N492,000) for the visa fee and additional 50,000 GBP (N24 Million) for the investment.

With this, you can begin your visa application.

General Requirements For UK Visa In Nigeria

The following are some of the general requirements for getting United Kingdom visa in Nigeria.

  • A valid Nigerian International passport with at least 2 blank pages
  • Sponsorship certificate from your employer in the UK
  • Your biometrics. To be submitted at the embassy in Nigeria.
  • Proof of English language proficiency
  • Your travel history over the last 5 years
  • criminal record. A police report is what is needed here.
  • Bank statement showing you have at least 945 GBP (455,000) in your account over the last 3 months. Your sponsor’s statement of account accompanied with a letter of authorization can also serve.
  • A proof that you are medically fit from a government recognised institution. Especially your tuberculosis test result.

UK Visa Application Procedure In Nigeria

Once you have everything that is required of you ready, the next thing is to proceed with the application. You can do that following the instructions below.

  • Log on to UK visas and immigration service website https://visas-immigration.service.gov.uk and select the right type of visa to apply for.
  • Create your account by using your email address and password.
  • Fill the online visa application form on the website.
  • In most cases, you will be required to pay the visa fee online using your banking details.
  • After filling the form online and paying the visa fee online, you will be required to submit your biometrics at the UK visa application centre in Nigeria. By biometrics here I mean your facial photograph and fingerprints.
  • Wait for up to 3 weeks for your visa to be processed.
  • Collect your visa, say goodbye to your friends and family, and travel.

Where To Submit Your Biometrics

To submit your biometrics (facial photograph and fingerprints) for your UK visa, visit any of the locations below.

1.) British High Commission Abuja

  • Address: No.19 Torrens Close, Mississipi, Maitama, Abuja
  • Phone Lines: +234(9)4622200
  • Working Hours: 8am to 6pm. Monday to Friday

2.) British Deputy High Commission Lagos

  • Address: No.11 Walter Carrington Crescent, Victoria Island, Lagos.
  • Phone Number: +23412770780
  • Working Hours: 8am to 6pm

Final Note

The United Kingdom is one of the places worth visiting.

The country has lots of tourist attractions you should see.

Their low rate of crime and unemployment also makes them one of the best places to work in the world.

You can Google these facts. Their economy is also doing well compared to those of other countries.

If you find this write up useful and satisfactory as regard how to apply for UK visa from Nigeria in 2020, then do not hesitate to share using the social sharing buttons.

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