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Vatican announces Ex-Pope-Benedict-XVI funeral arrangement



Vatican announce Ex-Pope-Benedict-XVI funeral arrangement

The Vatican has announced the arrangements for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s funeral, which will take place in St Peter’s Square on Thursday morning at 9:30am (08:30 GMT).

The service is to be conducted simply and privately, in accordance with Benedict’s wishes.

His body will lie in state at St Peter’s Basilica where people may pay their respects over three days before being laid to rest in the crypt of the basilica.

As was done with John Paul II before his funeral mass, an estimated one million people are expected to attend, alongside official delegations from Italy and Germany.

Upon his death, Benedict XVI’s “Fisherman’s Ring” – a signet used to seal documents – will traditionally be destroyed by etching a “X” on its face to make it unusable.

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