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VIDEO: Lady forced to pay for her own meal after refusing to sleep with man on date

by NaijNaira
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Lady forced to pay for her own meal after refusing to sleep with man on date

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One woman thought her dinner companion was being chivalrous when he offered to pick up the tab, only to discover that he had ulterior motives, and wasn’t happy when she refused to meet them.

She recorded the end-of-evening confrontation and posted it to TikTok, captioning the clip: “Finally decided to go on a date and he made me so uncomfortable.”

In the video, the woman (named only as Talisa), can be heard offering to cover her half of the meal before the man swiftly replies: “Nah, I got you.”

“Thank you so much, it was delicious,” Talisa says, adding: “I’m probably going to head up because it’s late, and I have to get up early in the morning.”

He sounds a little taken aback at the abrupt end to their night, so asks if he can walk her to her room (she’s presumably staying in a hotel).

She then responds that she doesn’t think he’d be allowed to accompany her upstairs, given that he’s not a guest himself.

“Oh, I get it… It’s alright,” he says amid her protests..” A man pays for your dinner and…”

Talisa then says directly that she doesn’t “f*** on the first date” and implies that he’d been making suggestive comments all evening.

“Yeah, alright. You just wanted a free meal. Understood.” he retorts.

“No, […] I have no problem paying for my own bill to avoid something like this,” she hits back.

“Then go for it. Do it,” he says.

She then asks if he’s being serious, to which he responds: “Do it. Pay for your own bill.”

Talisa’s video racked up more than 13.4 million views and 1.9 million likes in the space of a week as fellow TikTokers shared their empathy with her plight.

“[I’ve] dealt with this enough,” commented one. “I pay the whole bill on the first date to establish dominance.”

“As if a free meal is the winning ticket every girl dreams about,” said another.

“This is why you do 50/50 on the first date,” wrote a third.

While a fourth joked: “I wonder why he gets none, what a mystery, how curious how strange!”

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