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What I Need From Pochettino – Chelsea co-owner, Boehly

by Thomaz Oseghale
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What I Need From Pochettino - Chelsea co-owner, Boehly

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Chelsea co-owner, Todd Boehly, has urged fans to exercise patience as the club navigates through a challenging period under manager Mauricio Pochettino. In an interview with Forbes, Boehly emphasized the need to allow the team to grow and develop.

Boehly acknowledged the talent within the squad, describing them as “unbelievable individual players with great skills.” However, he emphasized the importance of transforming these individual talents into a cohesive team.

Recognizing the current struggles, with Chelsea currently sitting in 11th place on the Premier League table, Boehly emphasized the need to stay the course. He expressed confidence in the process, stating, “We just need to let the process develop and give our squad the time to go from being unbelievable individual players with great skills to fold into a team.”

Despite the league struggles, Chelsea still has an opportunity to secure silverware in the FA Cup. They are set to face Manchester City in the semi-final, presenting a chance to lift a trophy and inject momentum into their season.

With the right support and time, Chelsea has the potential to emerge stronger and more united, ready to compete at the highest level once again.


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