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Why Bayern Munich Failed To Sign Martin Odegaard

Odegaard has captained a resurgent Arsenal side who are currently on track to beat Manchester City to win their first premier league title since 2003-04.




Pep Guardiola may have prevented Bayern Munich from signing Martin Odegaard back in 2015, as revealed by Bundesliga expert and former Norwegian centre-forward Jan Aage Fjortoft.

According to Fjortoft, when he was at the training camp in Qatar, Guardiola asked him to help try and persuade Odegaard to join Bayern Munich, saying that he would make him the best player in the world.

However, Fjortoft had a response for the legendary manager which ultimately proved to be true: that Guardiola would soon be leaving Bayern Munich himself.

As a result of this conversation, Odegaard was signed by Real Madrid instead while Guardiola left Bayern that same summer to go to Manchester City.

By the looks of things, both players will be able to look back on this decision with no regrets as Odegaard is now Arsenal’s captain and helping them challenge for their first Premier League title since 2003-04 while Guardiola has led Man City to four Premier League trophies.

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