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Wikki Tourist FC: Players, Owner, Stadium, Salary, Coach, Trophies

by Thomaz Oseghale
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Wikki Tourist

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Get to know everything about Wikki Tourist, from their players and owner to their stadium and coach. Discover the team’s impressive trophy collection in this comprehensive guide.

Located in the historically rich state of Bauchi is Wikki Tourist FC, a team that is otherwise overlooked. Despite their underdog status, Wikki Tourists has proven time and again that they deserve recognition on a national level.

Let’s take a closer look at the players, owner, stadium, coach, trophies, and achievements that have shaped their journey.

A Glimpse into Wikki Tourists’ Past

Formed in 1992, Wikki Tourist was the result of football-loving citizens from Bauchi State coming together to establish a state football team.

They quickly dominated the state level football scene and made history in 1998 by winning the AITEO Cup, Nigeria’s oldest Cup Competition.

Despite facing relegation twice, in 2010 and 2013, the team bounced back and emerged as the winner of Nigeria National League in 2011, earning their return to the Nigerian Premier League NPFL.

Wikki Tourist Stadium & Nickname

(Photo: Joern Pollex – FIFA/FIFA via Getty Images)

Wikki Tourists, often known as the Giant Elephants, derived their nickname from the elephants that roam the Yankari National Park, where the team’s current stadium, Abubakar Tafawa Balewa Stadium, is located.

With a capacity of 15,000 seats, this stadium holds a special place in Nigerian football history, having hosted the 2009 FIFA-under 17 World Cup.

Meet Key Players and Coach

Wikki Tourists’ journey is guided by their captain, Idris Mohammed Guda, who took on the responsibilities of leading the team during the 2018/19 season.

His dedication and leadership have not only steered the team through challenging times but have also earned him a trial for Nigeria’s U-20 team.

The team’s current coach, Kabiru Dogo, brings his wealth of experience and knowledge to the table, having previously worked with Lobi Stars.

Spotlight on Wikki Tourists’ Legends

Throughout their history, Wikki Tourists has produced remarkable players who have left a lasting impact on the team and Nigerian football as a whole.

Patrick Paschal, a former player, now serves as the chairman of the Bauchi State Football Association.

Iliya Yahaya, the current top goalscorer, Mustapha Ibrahim, a rising international player, and Yakubu Yankari, the team’s longest-serving captain, are other notable players worth mentioning.

Ownership, Achievements, International Aspirations

Wikki Tourists is proudly owned by the Bauchi State Government, and their achievements extend beyond the state level.

In addition to their 13 State FA cups, the team secured victory in the AITEO Cup in 1998 and emerged as winners of Nigeria’s National League NNL in 2011.

Their best performance in the NPFL came in the 2016/17 season when they finished third.

Although they have faced setbacks on the international stage, with three appearances in the CAF Confederation Cup, Wikki Tourists’ recent performances indicate a potential return to the international football scene.

List of Wikki Tourist players (2022-23)

  1. GK. (NGA) – Ospina Egbe
  2. GK. (NGA) – Ibrahim Pius
  3. GK. (NGA) – Ajala Olushola
  4. GK. (CAF) – Alladoum Kolimba
  5. DF. (NGA) – Olayinka Onaolapo
  6. DF. (NGA) – Peter Ambrose
  7. DF. (NGA) – Manu Garba
  8. DF. (NGA) – Abdulkareem Habibu
  9. DF. (NGA) – Mustapha Abdullahi
  10. DF. (NGA) – Semiu Liadi
  11. DF. (NGA) – Freedom Omofoman
  12. DF. (NGA) – Jimmy Ambrose
  13. DF. (NGA) – Hassan Musa
  14. DF. (NIG) – Adamu Shafiu
  15. DF. (NGA) – Andrew Abalaogu
  16. MF. (NGA) – Mohammed Guda
  17. MF. (NGA) – Joilton Djondong
  18. MF. (NGA) – Sale Nasara
  19. MF. (NGA) – Ismaila Mayaki
  20. MF. (NGA) – Taiwo Dele Kazeem
  21. MF. (NGA) – Bright Ihionu
  22. MF. (NIG) – Sofiane Habibou
  23. MF. (NGA) – Igwe Ebuka David
  24. MF. (NGA) – Chinedu Udeagha
  25. MF. (NGA) – Promise Damala
  26. MF. (NGA) – Murtala Ibrahim
  27. MF. (NGA) – Clement Damilare segun
  28. FW. (NGA) – Nazifi Yahaya
  29. FW. (NGA) – Jibrin Abubakar
  30. FW. (NGA) – Emedo Precious
  31. FW. (NGA) – Emedo Wisdom Kelechi
  32. FW. (NGA) – Joseph Osadiaye
  33. FW. (NGA) – Kilani Paul

Wikki Tourist players Salary

When it comes to professional football, salaries are often a topic of great interest and speculation. Fans and pundits alike are always eager to know just how much their favorite players are earning.

Let’s now take a closer look at the salaries of the talented players at Wikki Tourist, one of the most successful football clubs in Nigeria.

Wikki Tourist Players Salaries

Wikki Tourist has a reputation for attracting top talent from around the country and beyond. The club’s success in recent years can be largely attributed to its ability to assemble a team of skilled and dedicated players who give their all on the pitch. With such stellar performances, it’s only natural to wonder what kind of salaries these players command.

Highest Earners at Wikki Tourist

At the top of the salary hierarchy at Wikki Tourist are the club’s star players. These individuals are the driving force behind the team’s success and are handsomely rewarded for their efforts. It is rumored that the highest earners at the club can command salaries upwards of N5 million per month.

These high salaries are a testament to the club’s commitment to attracting and retaining top talent. It also reflects the competitive nature of modern football, where clubs are willing to pay a premium for players who can make a real difference on the pitch.

Salaries of Young Prospects

While the star players at Wikki Tourist may command the highest salaries, it’s important to remember that the club also invests in young prospects. These players are the future of the team and are given the opportunity to develop their skills in a professional environment.

Salaries for young prospects at Wikki Tourist can vary depending on factors such as age, experience, and potential. However, it is believed that the club provides competitive salaries and incentives to attract and motivate these promising talents.


We have dived into the world of Wikki Tourist and explored their players, owner, stadium, coach, and the trophies they have won. I hope you got all the information you need in this brief guide?

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