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Yar’Adua’s wife Shares Heartbreaking Details of Late Husband’s death

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Yar'Adua's wife Shares Heartbreaking Details of Late Husband's death

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Hajiya Turai Yar’Adua, the wife of former Nigerian President Musa Yar’Adua, recently shared heartbreaking details of her husband’s final moments and his subsequent death.

She revealed that she had been fasting every day since her husband fell ill, and on the day he passed away, she was about to break her fast when she felt like he didn’t want her to leave his side.

Shortly after she left, she was called back and found her husband struggling to breathe. Turai blames herself for leaving his side and still remembers that moment vividly.

Yar’Adua passed away on May 5th, 2010, while serving as president.

Turai, who is Muslim, accepts that life and death are in Allah’s hands and is grateful for the time she had with her husband.

During the interview, the former first lady revealed that she still misses her husband.

She said, “Praise be to Allah. I don’t feel anything. I’m used to it. I think about him every day. Every day seems like any other day. The only difference is that today; people gathered to pray for him, eulogize him and I’m happy. I thank them.”

Turai added that all through the life of her husband, he was a very simple man who wasn’t concerned about amassing worldly wealth.

“He was simple. He was not carried away by worldly things. For example, he can be using a wrist watch continously until the strap gets broken into two.

“Unless if I see it, he would continue to use it like that. He was a very simple person who did not attach importance to worldly things. Even leadership, Allah destined he would be but he wasn’t that ambitious about it.”

She explained that they had a close and happy marriage.

On the happy moments with him, she said, “Our marriage was full of happiness. In fact people were saying they had never seen our kind of relationship. I was like a new bride everyday. That was why he always returned home straight, from the office.

“So, even if I travelled, once I reached my destination he would be the first person I would call. That was what I really missed. The first time I travelled and no one called me to say “Turai how was your trip?” That was the first time I cried over his death.”

Life After Office

The former first lady said she wasn’t too much involved in political activities and she only went to the office when there is work to be done.

She said, “Thanks be to Allah. Even while in government, I was not deeply involved. In my life, I value the home front. I was with my children and grand children. If you see me going to the First Lady’s office, then there was work to be done.

“If there’s no work to be done, I can stay home for 3 months without going to the office. I belonged to the home and even after his death, I continued looking after the children and grand children. I thank Allah, they are all very successful. None has gone astray. I thank Allah for that.”

On Goodluck Jonathan And Politics

On her relationship with his political associates particularly during President Jonathan’s administration after her husband’s death, she said, “We thank Allah. We’ve been together. But truly, I’m a woman who does not involve myself in affairs that are not mine. Even after his death, most of my children were in London studying. So most of the time I was there. But if I meet them, we exchange pleasantries as normal. But truly, there’s no problem.”

The former first lady added that she didn’t get herself involved in politics after her husband died.

“No no, I don’t. I knew what’s politics. I was in politics during my school days when my husband was President of Katsina Students Union. I was an executive member. I was in politics since then. But when Umaru died, my politics also died. But the children and grandchildren, by the will of Allah.”

Asked for her advice for the incoming First Lady, she said, “Thanks be to Allah. My advice for her is that she should be patient and continuously be patient. This is because if her husband would be like Umaru, who stood for the right course, she would be the target. That was what happened to me. My husband was not taking alcohol, he does not go after women, he was not corrupt. So the only thing they could do to upset him because he loved his wife, was to attack his wife. “

“So she should be patient and never relent in advising him. She is the only one that will genuinely advise him. Others would only tell him what he wants to hear. The wife is the only one that would give him information and ask him to investigate. She should leave other things to Allah.”

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