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You will cry when you see before and after pics Landlord shares after tenants moved out

by NaijNaira
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You will cry when you see before and after pics Landlord shares after tenants moved out

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We’re used to tales of crooked landlords treating tenants like dirt, but the masters of the house don’t always have it easy.

One homeowner has proven this by showing what his property looked like before a group of renters moved in… and the state it was left in afterwards.

In a TikTok captioned ‘When tenants make your house their own’ landlord Jeff Kowalczuk offers “before” shots of the wood-floored pad, decorated with a simple white and pale grey colour scheme.

He then cuts to how the place looked on “move-out day”, and the results are like something out of a dystopian episode of Changing Rooms.

The clip shows the once bright and airy dining room transformed into a blood-red and faux-metallic grey chamber of horrors. Meanwhile, the once pristine kitchen looks like some sort of hoarders’ workshop, complete with a random barrel and every surface littered with detritus.

The bathroom is no better, now painted mustard yellow and skirted with fake brick wallpaper, and the bedroom is now burnt orange with the added smattering of illusory bricks.

Kowalczuk’s video racked up more than 5.8 million views and 234,000 views in five days as fellow TikTokers marvelled at the tenants’ decor choices.

“What in the Renaissance fair happened?” one asked, to which Kowalczuk replied: “Like a bunch of Vikings pillaged it. Lots of tree limbs and other weird items throughout.”

“They were totally doing escape rooms,” another commentator suggested, presumably because the tenants had painted all the doors to make them look like they were made of reinforced metal.

“Are those the doors of the freezer in the Krusty Krab?” a third viewer wrote.


Meanwhile, a fifth commented: “I see why landlords have such strict rules now.”

However, others were less quick to take the landlord’s side, particularly when it came to his previous TikTok.

In a clip posted last month, Kowalczuk filmed the state of his back yard after his tenant moved out and squatters moved in.

“Do you check your rentals at all?” one commentator asked.

While a second pointed out: “That doesn’t happen overnight. That takes [a] while so…”.

“This one seems kind of on you for not catching it before getting to this point,” wrote a third.

And a fourth said simply: “Check your properties.”

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