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Zenith Bank Swift Code for international transfer ~ Lagos & Abuja Nigeria

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You need Zenith bank swift code if you are planning to use the account for transactions outside Nigeria or in foreign currencies. What you are searching for in other words is a zenith bank swift code for international transfer.

Swift code is a unique identifier assigned to financial institutions around the world.

This code is often needed to send and receive money outside your country or in foreign currencies.

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Swift Code For Zenith Bank Nigeria

Most people still refer to it as swift code but it has since been standardized as BIC (Bank Identifier Code).

This code was introduced by an organization called SWIFT (Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication).

It is a congregation that almost all the banks in the world has its member.

zenith bank swift code

Zenith Bank Swift Code for international transfer

No.BranchSwift Code
1.)Lagos Head OfficeZEIBNGLA
2.)Abuja OfficeZEIBNGLA013

Unlike sort codes, only the headquarters of a bank are assigned swift codes.

Although, there are claims that each branch of a bank have its own BIC codes but I find that to be irrelevant.

However, whether relevant or not, they are useless.

Why? Well, we all know that swift codes are used for international transactions and only the headquarters BIC is used in most cases.

Most banks in Nigeria have only one known (at least to the customers) swift codes while couple of others, including Zenith bank, have one for both Lagos and Abuja head offices.

Even as such, the main headquarter (Lagos) swift code is often used.

Zenith swift code is 8 characters for the main headquarter and 11 characters for the Abuja head office.

Below is the breakdown of the code.

  • The first 4 digits (ZEIB) is Zenith bank unique code.
  • Followed by 2 digit (NG) which represents the country (Nigeria).
  • Then the next 2 digit (LA) represents the head office location (Lagos).

Which was how ZEIBNGLA is the swift code of zenith bank plc Lagos, Nigeria.

The Abuja branch however has an extension of 3 digits (013). Meaning Zenith Abuja BIC code is ZEIBNGLA013.

Nigerian Banks Swift Codes


Banks in Nigeria

Swift Codes

1.Central Bank of NigeriaCBNINGLA
3.Diamond Bank PLCDBLNNGLA
4.Fidelity Bank PLCFIDTNGLA
5.First City Monument Bank PLC (FCMB)FCMBNGLA
6.First Bank Nigeria LimitedFBNINGLA
7.Guaranty Trust Bank PLCGTBINGLA
8.Skye Bank Swift CodePRDTNGLA
9.Union Bank of Nigeria PLCUBNINGLA
10.United Bank of Africa (UBA)UNAFNGLA
11.Citibank Nigeria LimitedCITINGLA
12.Ecobank Nigeria PLCECOCNGLA
13.Heritage Bank LimitedHBCLNGLA
14.Keystone Bank LimitedPLNINGLA
16.Standard Chartered Bank LimitedSCBLNGLA
17.Sterling Bank PLCNAMENGLA
20.Suntrust Bank Nigeria LimitedSUTGNGLA
21.Providus Bank PLC 
22.Coronation Merchant BankADHLNGLA
23.Fbn Merchant BankKDHLNGLA
24.Fsdh Merchant BankFSDHNGLA
25.Rand Merchant BankFIRNNGLA
26.Jaiz Bank LimitedJAIZNGLA

There you have it guys on zenith bank swift code. I hope you saw Swift Code For Zenith Bank on that list above. Kindly share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

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