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10 Stats That Prove Arsenal’s Title Chances Are Stronger Than Last Year

by Thomaz Oseghale
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10 Stats That Prove Arsenal's Title Chances Are Stronger Than Last Year

Arsenal fans, rejoice! The Gunners are in tremendous form right now and they are better placed than last year to win the Premier League title. Mikel Arteta’s men are just two points adrift of the top of the table, with a two-point lead over Manchester City (although City has a game in hand). Let’s dive into the stats that prove Arsenal’s potential for glory this season.

1. Fewest Shots on Target Faced

Arteta’s side has faced the fewest amount of shots on target in the Premier League this season. In 25 matches, they’ve only faced 59 shots on target so far. Interestingly, the team with the fewest shots on target faced has won the league in all of the previous five seasons.

2. Improved Defensive Record

Of the shots that Arsenal faces, only 26.6% of them are on target, which is the best defensive record in the league. Last season, 39.5% of the shots they faced were on target. In their last five league matches, Arsenal hasn’t conceded an expected goals (xG) higher than 0.5, showcasing their defensive sturdiness.

3. Lowest xG Faced

Throughout the entire campaign so far, Arteta’s side has only faced an xG of 18, which is the lowest in the league. On average, they only face 0.72 xG per 90 minutes. This demonstrates their ability to limit the quality of chances their opponents create.

4. Dominance against the Big Six

The Gunners have accumulated more points against the ‘big six’ than any other side this season. They are currently averaging two points per game in head-to-head matches against the big six, a significant improvement from last season’s average of 1.9 points per game.

5. Impressive Points Haul

Since the start of 2024, Arsenal has accumulated 15 points from five matches, making them the best-performing team in the Premier League during this period.

6. Clinical Finishing

Arsenal is currently scoring 0.37 goals per shot on target, with only Newcastle boasting a slightly better record of 0.38 goals per shot on target. This highlights their efficiency in front of goal.

7. Set-Piece Prowess

The Gunners have scored 24 goals from set-piece situations this season, including penalties. This is their highest tally in a single Premier League campaign since 2004-05, showcasing their effectiveness in dead-ball situations.

8. Superior Goal Difference

Arteta’s side currently boasts the best goal difference in the league, with +36. For context, their goal difference at this stage last season was +33. This indicates their improved attacking prowess and defensive solidity.

9. Increased Goal Output

Compared to this time last season, Arsenal has scored two more goals and conceded one less goal, further illustrating their improvement in both ends of the pitch.

10. Unyielding Spirit

The Gunners’ recent performances demonstrate their relentless drive and hunger for success. Even at comfortable scorelines, they continue to push for more goals and maintain their intensity until the final whistle.

While the Premier League title race is still wide open, these statistics provide a compelling case for Arsenal’s chances of lifting the trophy. With their solid defense, impressive attacking statistics, and improved performances against top teams, the Gunners are certainly a force to be reckoned with. As Arteta rightly said, it’s about maintaining momentum and consistency.

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