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After major surgery, Whoopi Goldberg unveils her new look

by NaijNaira
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It’s surprising that Whoopi Goldberg is putting her eyeglasses away. The co-host of ‘The View show’ had been using glasses for almost 30 years before having surgery. 

According to report on Monday’s broadcast of the ABC morning show, Goldberg, an American actress  revealed to her co-hosts that she had undergone an operation and had the lens in her eye replaced. 

According to her, she said:

“The lens they used to replace it is quite similar to the lens in my glasses” 

When asked about the operation in further detail, Goldberg stated,

“They can remove the lens when you have very small cataracts and replace them.”

They have been carrying out this activity for some time, but nobody is aware of it, she claimed. “Your insurance will cover it, but the lens itself is your responsibility.”

“I’ve  been wearing glasses now for almost 28 years… Now this is what I look like and it’s not so bad,” she said.


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