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Burna Boy Gifts Tony Tetuila a Briefcase Full of Cash

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Burna Boy Gifts Tony Tetuila a Briefcase Full of Cash

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Veteran Nigerian singer Tony Tetuila received a generous gift from none other than Burna Boy, the self-acclaimed African giant. The encounter between the two musicians took place at a popular nightclub in Lagos, where Burna Boy reportedly presented Tetuila with a substantial sum of money.

A video circulating online captured Tetuila on stage, performing one of his hit singles, ‘E Go Better,’ surrounded by a scatter of $100 bills and bundles of N500 notes. During his performance, Tetuila paused to acknowledge Burna Boy’s presence, showering him with accolades as the “giant of Africa,” much to the delight of the audience.

Impressed by Tetuila’s acknowledgement, Burna Boy reciprocated the gesture by rising from his seat, expressing his gratitude to the veteran singer. But Burna Boy didn’t stop there. He went a step further and gifted Tetuila with a custom-designed briefcase filled with bundles of N500 notes as a symbol of his appreciation for Tetuila’s homage.

This encounter comes after Tetuila hinted at working with Burna Boy on the remix of his hit song, ‘My Car.’ Released in 2001, ‘My Car’ became a nationwide sensation, and Tetuila expressed his desire to feature the Grammy-winning singer on the remix during an interview with Daddy Freeze.

While the details of their collaboration are yet to be confirmed, this unexpected encounter between Burna Boy and Tony Tetuila has certainly sparked excitement among fans of both artists.

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