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Akure Postal Code for all Districts & Areas

With the exponential increase in the number of people that do online shopping, the use of zip codes becomes more of use in this era than it has ever been before. If you resides in the state capital of Ondo state, inside this write up is akure postal code and how to use it in 2020.

akure postal code

Akure is not just a capital but also one of the oldest, biggest and important city in the south west states in Nigeria. It is the home of over 500,000 people.

It also house one of the best school of technology in Nigeria (FUTA – Federal University of Technology, Akure) as well as some.

Just like most of the states in the south western part of the country, Akure has diversity of religion with the major ones of course being Christianity and Islam but many also still practice the traditional religion.

Also, other than the Yoruba states that shares close boundary with Lagos State (Ogun and Oyo), Akure is the only other south west city that has Shoprite in it.

Postal codes can be used interchangably with post and zip codes. Zip is used in the United States of America only while post is just the short form. They are 6 digits codes that makes it easy to move items within Nigeria either the sender is also from Nigeria or outside the country.

Most online shopping stores like Jumia, Aliexpress and Amazon to mention a few will needs your area post code to make sure your ordered item reached you safely.

Akure Postal Code

The postal codes of Akure areas or districts are 340282 for Araromi, 340241 for Oke Aro Danjuma, 340281 for Owode, 340251 for Gbadare Ondo Bye Pass.

340212 for Ijapo Estate, 340221 for Obas Palace, 340252 for Fanini Estate FUT, 340223 for Alagbaka, 340231 for Oke Aro, 340232 for Osinle Sijuade Estate, 340222 for High Court.

340271 for NIPOST Headquarters, 340211 for Ijomu, 340214 for Oba Ile, 340213 for School of Agric, 340284 for Shagari Village, 340283 for Ijare Irese Road.

No.AddressPost Code
1.Abibirin Street340282
2.Abiodun Street340241
3.Adebobajo Street340241
4.Adebowale A & B Street340241
5.Adegbola Memorial School340282
6.Ademuagun Street340282
7.Adeniyan Street340281
8.Adeola Street340281
9.Adinlewa Street340251
10.Ado Street340212
11.Afanbiowo Street340251
12.Afere Street340281
13.Afunbi Owo Road340221
15.Ajasin Way340223
16.Ajaye Oba Street340282
17.Ajaye Quarters340282
18.Ajayi Street340281
19.Ajebamidele Street340241
21.Ajegunle Street340231
22.Ajerom/ Street340281
23.Ajipowo Layout School340241
24.Ajisola Street340281
25.Ajowa Street340232
26.Akad Filling Station340252
27.Akinniranye Avenue340281
28.Akinola Oluyede Street340232
29.Akinsncu Street340282
30.Akinsola Sawmill340252
31.Akinwale Street340282
32.Akosile Street340282
33.Akupe Commercial College340241
34.Akupe High School Road340282
35.Akupe Local Govt. Office340252
36.Akure Musum College340231
37.Akure Musum School340232
38.Akure Shopping Complex340222
39.Akure Shopping Complex340223
40.Ala Close340232
41.Ala Quarters340232
42.Alaba Layout340252
43.Aladetoyinbo Street340241
44.Alafe Street340231
46.Alakunre Street340221
47.Albert Lane Lane340251
48.Alco Street340281
49.Alhaja Lane340281
50.Aliu Street340282
51.Amudipe Street340221
52.AP Filling Station340212
53.Apatapiti Layout340252
54.Arakale Street340221
56.Araromi Street340282
57.Aratusin Layout340241
58.Arikawe Street340271
59.Arisoyin Quarters340241
60.Army Children School340241
61.Arowosafe Layout340271
62.Awoyokun Street340241
63.Ayegunle Street340221
64.Ayelabola Street340231
65.Ayetoro Street340211
66.Ayetoro Street340282
67.Ayetutu Street340251
68.Ayeyem Street340282
69.Ayo Nio Street340252
70.Ayobami Street340241
72.Benaof Beverages Depot340252
73.Binkin Street340241
74.Bishop House340251
75.Bishop Hughas High School340282
76.Bishops Court340223
77.C.A.C Ada Memorial340241
78.C.A.C Grammar School Rd340251
79.C/S Road340214
80.Caeco Furniture340252
81.Central Bank340223
84.Code of Conduct Way340223
85.Dandare Workshop Area340271
86.Dare Ajayi Street340282
87.Davog Street340232
88.Dayo-Idowu Street340282
89.Debonah Lodge340231
90.Dele Akinluyi Street340232
91.Dele Johnson Street340232
92.Dominic Road340271
93.Eddoye Street340252
94.Edo Lodge340211
95.Edungba Street340221
96.Egbedi Street340221
97.Ejioba High School340214
98.Ejioba Motel Street340232
99.Elecfosan Famotua Layout340271
100.Elewa Pantaku Layout340232
101.Eleye Street340231
102.Epekesan Street340221
103.Ereketa Street340241
104.Eringbo A & C340281
105.Eru Oba Titun340241
106.Eruoba Street A & B340221
107.Esho Street340281
108.Ewti Street340212
109.Eyemote Street340212
110.Eyinke Street340231
111.Fabilola Estate340213
112.Fabusny Street340281
114.Fairmont Hotel340232
115.Fakunle Street340281
116.Falokun Street340231
117.Faloye Avenue340271
118.Fanibi EStreet340252
119.Fanimokun Street340241
120.Farmers House340232
121.Fayanju Street340271
122.Federal Secretariat340223
123.Femi Alewi Street340271
124.Fiwasaye Girls Gram School340211
125.Folahan Aladeniyi Street340241
127.Gbajumo Street340241
128.Gbangbalogun Street340231
130.Gbolaji Street340212
131.Glorunimbe Street340281
132.Glowomeye Street340281
133.Government Press340223
134.Governors House Road340222
135.Gpopoala A & C340281
136.Green Park340231
137.Henry Fajemirokun Street340212
138.High Court340222
139.Hotel Honey Moon340241
140.House of Assembly340223
142.I. K. Ojo Street340282
143.Ibera Street340281
144.Idea Paint Nig. Ltd.340271
145.Idera Street340281
146.Idi Iroko Street340241
147.Idiagba Street340221
148.Ifelere Street340241
149.Ifelodun Street340232
150.Igan Street340221
151.Igbatoro Road340223
152.Igbede Street340221
153.Igbehinadun Street340282
154.Igbeyinadun Street340251
155.Igbolini Street340231
156.Igboyegun Street340221
157.Ijala Street340221
158.Ijalade Street340252
159.Ijapo Police Station340212
160.Ijare Road340283
161.Ijemikin Street340231
162.Ijepo Street340212
163.Ijo Mimo340232
164.Ijofi Street340221
165.Ijoka Road340232
166.Ijomimo High School340232
167.Ijomu Street340211
168.Ikogosi Street340212
169.Ikole Street340212
171.Ilupeju Street340241
172.Imaagun A & B340281
173.Imade Street340212
174.Inaro A & B Street340282
175.Investment House340223
176.Investment House Oda Road340232
177.Irepodan Abcde340282
178.Irese Road340283
179.Iromu Street340221
180.Irowo Street340231
181.Isafiri Family Layout340241
182.Iselemo Street340231
183.Isolo Street340282
185.Iwaro Street340231
186.James Adegoke Street340211
187.James Badejo Street340281
188.Jeje Street340241
189.Kemo Street340221
190.Kemobola Street340232
191.Kola Ogunmola Street340212
192.Kolanole Street340241
193.Korede Street340251
194.Koro Quarters340231
195.Kudirat Abiola Shopping Complex340222
196.Lafe Inn340271
197.Lawman Academy340281
198.Leo Road340271
199.Lydia Road340252
200.M.A.N.R Poultry Farm Area340241
201.Majeobaje Giwa Street340232
202.Makanjnola Street340281
203.Martins Street340271
204.Mayegun Street340282
205.Mercy Street340232
206.Meshe Street340281
207.Min of Agric & Nat Resources340211
208.Min of Agric & Natural Resources340241
209.Min of Justice340213
210.Min of Justice Igbede Street340221
211.Min. of Works & Housing340271
212.Mission Road340214
214.Mojere Market340252
215.Mown Street340212
216.N.P.F Station340231
217.N.R.C. Secretariat340232
219.NEPA Court340222
220.NEPA Quarters340271
221.New Hospital Road340232
222.New Sijuade Street340232
223.NIPOST Head Quarters340271
224.Oba Adesida Layout340271
225.Oba Osupa Street340221
227.Oba-Ile Housing340214
228.Obanla Street340211
229.Odi Olowo Street340241
230.Odige Street340231
231.Odo Ijoka/Ehin Ala340281
232.Odo Ikoyi Street340282
233.Odofin Street340251
234.Odole Street340241
235.Odopetu Street340231
236.Odopo Layout340232
237.Odopo Road340232
238.Odundun Road340241
239.Odundun Street340231
240.Oeji’s Palace340221
241.Ogundele/Ogunlusi Layout340252
242.Oguntoye Layout340252
243.Oja-Oshodi Street340282
245.Ojumu Street340212
246.Oke Alafia340241
247.Oke Anu Street340282
248.Oke Apata Street340231
249.Oke Eda Street340222
250.Oke Emeso Street340211
251.Oke Eresu Layout340252
252.Oke Ijebu340212
253.Oke Padre340231
254.Okebola Street340231
255.Oke-Ibunun Street340282
256.Oke-Ijebu Quarters340282
258.Okelisa Street340221
259.Okuta Elerinwa340271
260.Ola-Olawa Street340282
261.Old Sijuade Street340232
262.Olisa Layout340232
263.Olorunsogo Street340282
264.Olu Ibukun Street340232
265.Olukayo Sawmill340241
266.Olukayode Street340223
268.Oluwatuyi Road340232
269.Oluyide Street340211
270.Omuo Street340212
271.Ondo Avenue340212
272.Ondo Bye Pass340251
273.Ondo Road340252
274.Ondo State Water Corporation340222
275.Onode I & II340281
276.Onoduni Street340232
277.Orisa Street340221
278.Orita Obele340283
279.Oruntan Street340241
280.Osabiyi Layout340241
281.Osinle Street340231
283.Otun Crescent340212
284.Otutubiosnu Street340231
285.Owena Motels340232
286.Owo Avenue340212
287.Owobamigbe Street340232
288.Oyejola Street340282
289.Plaza Motel340282
290.Power Line340232
291.Power UNE340252
292.Presidential Avenue340284
293.Primary School Road340284
294.Prince Adeniyi Street340281
295.Princess Hotel340211
296.Psychiatric Hospital340232
297.Rainbow Hotel340232
298.Rural Education Centre340213
299.Saint Peters340271
300.School Lane340241
301.School of Health Technology340232
302.School of Mid Wifery340232
303.SDP Secretariat340223
304.Secretariat Offices340222
305.Shitu Street340232
306.Sijnade Road340232
307.Sijuade Housing Estate340232
308.Street David’s Primary School340211
309.Street Lewis Girls Grammar School340251
310.Street Luke’s Ang. Church340232
311.Street Mary Children School340211
312.Stadium Road340281
313.State Housing Corporation340212
314.State Industrial Layout340252
315.State Secretariat340223
316.Surulere Street340232
317.Surulere Street340241
318.Survey Office340251
319.Tawani Road Road340284
320.Temibire B Street340282
321.Temidire Street340282
322.Texaco Petrol Station34021
323.Tinubu Street340282
324.Titilayo Lodge340252
325.Town Planning Authority340271
326.Trade Fair Complex340232
327.Tutugbua Layout340241
328.Tuyi Street340281
329.Uncle Olubo Street340282
330.United C.A.C. Grammar School340252
331.Victory Garden340212
332.Vining Christian Centre340211
333.WAEC INEC Road340223
334.Yemi Ajibade340271

Wrapping it Up

The zip code of Akure will makes it easier for those that resides in the city to easily get items ordered online to the nearest post office or even better still to their door step. Delivery has never been easier.

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