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Top 10 American celebrities who love football & the club they support

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Top 10 American celebrities who love football (soccer)

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The United States of America is known to be a big Basketball nation, especially with the popularity of the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), and American Football.

Recently, especially with the popularity that Major League Soccer (MLS), soccer has been enjoying followership in the US.

This has helped with the hosting rights for the 2026 FIFA World Cup won by USA/Canada/Mexico.

However, Americans have been enjoying Soccer and supporting big teams, especially prominent personalities including entertainers, actors, actresses, and others.

American celebrities who love football

Let’s now identify the top ten American Celebrities who love football.

Daniel Craig

American celebrities who love football

Team: Liverpool F.C.

Daniel Craig is popular for his role in James Bond as 007, the actor has never hidden his favorite soccer team and it’s a Premier League clubside.

He is well known to be in Liverpool F.C fan to the extent that his family shows his rivalry, she stated that Daniel Craig wouldn’t Watch other games even if he was offered the tickets for free.

Tom Hanks

American celebrities who love football

Team: Aston Villa F.C.

According to Hank, the name of the club itself is satisfying that it helps his decision. It seems as though he’s much more interested in the name than it club rather than their form or pedigree.

The actor has been seen displaying the club’s scarf on red carpets in recent times although, he being a football fan isn’t as grounded as many would expect.

Samuel L Jackson

American celebrities who love football

Team: Liverpool

Popular actor Samuel L Jackson fell in love with the Anfield side when he shot “51st State” in the City.

The pulp fiction star oftentimes doesn’t shy away from publicising his support of the team on social media.

Fans and cameras have sighted “Nick Fury” at Anfield stadium a couple of times holding the Red Jersey and once when the star was wrongly accused of switching sides, he clarified instantly.

Rob McElhenney

American celebrities who love football

Rob McElhenney in partnership with Ryan Reynolds invested in Welsh club Wrexham in 2020 and they have both continued to pump support for the club.

Just like Reynolds, McElhenney isn’t exactly known to be a big football follower, especially before his venture into the joint partnership with the Deadpool star.


American celebrities who love football

Team: Arsenal

American singer and rapper Jay-Z is not just a big football fan but a big Arsenal fan. Jay Z grew his love for Arsenal during his days with Thierry Henry at Highbury Stadium.

The rapper fell in love with Henry’s style of play and admires the French legend, since then he’s been to Arsenal’s home ground a couple of times.

Ryan Reynolds

American celebrities who love football

Everyone loves Ryan Reynolds, isn’t it? The Hollywood actor is a co-owner of a lower-league football club Wrexham FC. He isn’t a fan of Wrexham but a fan of football.

Since November 2022 Deadpool (sorry Ryan Reynolds) and Rob McElhenney have invested in the club and continue to do so enjoying the highs and lows that the Welsh club enjoys.

Tom Cruise

American celebrities who love football

Team: LA Galaxy

Tom Cruise is one of the few Americans that support an American soccer team on this list. The Actor is a big friend of England Midfielder David Beckham.

Their friendship was important in convincing Beckham to join LA Galaxy back then instead of moving to West Coast while Cruise was the inspiration for one of his sons named Cruz.

Sylvester Stallone

Team: Everton

Sylvester Stallone is a known Everton fan after visiting Goodison Park in 2007. It is known that his support for the club is due to his relationship with Robert Earl who is in the club’s hierarchy.

His visit also allowed him to get the opportunity to record the stadium in-match atmosphere for one of his movies.

Steve Nash

Team: Tottenham Hotspur F.C.

American Basketballer Steve Nash has been a Tottenham Hotspurs fan and has gone to White Hart Lane a couple of times and even trained there off-season.

He’s also a minority owner of the Vancouver Whitecaps but his link to Tottenham started with his grandfather who passed it on to his father, let’s wait and see if he will pass the tradition to his son.

Brad Pitt

Team: Liverpool

Brad Pitt once claimed to be a Liverpool fan while promoting one of his movies, he did claim that he has friends who are close to the club.

The filmmaker feared disownment and stood by the Reds, maybe he never trusted the “You’ll never walk alone” anthem.

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