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Top 5 Apps to Download Music for Free on Android

by NaijNaira
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Apps to Download Music for Free

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Love is beautiful, sorry scratch that, music is a thing of beauty, a beautiful phenomenon that entertains, educates, stirs emotions and all.

Music gets you on the go, keeps you company, is your partner when you’re heartbroken, music doesn’t get old and its relevance to daily social life isn’t to be underestimated.

Gone are the days we have to lift heavy walkman around, iPods and the likes to play and listen to good music. These days they all fit into our pockets on our phones.

Nevertheless, owning a phone doesn’t automatically translate to having music as you have to download your preferred songs and it’s even easier these days to select the types you want to listen to.

You can create an RnB playlist or decide to go with your rock collection and the rest. The most is getting somewhere to download them from.

There are thousands of music apps and streaming sites to download from but some require a bit of charge for you to be able to download songs.

Fret not as we have five music apps that are totally free of charge and will still give you what you will get on the top streaming services.

Best Apps To Download Music For Free

1. AudioMack

With AudioMack you get to listen to almost all genres of music free of charge and you can do this via the website or in the app.

AudioMack allows you to download songs on your devices free of charge but nevertheless, you can still stream if you want to. Audiomack is a free, all-in-one music discovery and sharing platform.

It offers a free streaming service for up-and-coming artists to share their music and develop an audience.

Audiomack features songs from almost every genre, though it predominantly offers hip-hop, rap, R&B and EDM. You can listen to these songs in-app, or download them to your device in all popular formats. Audiomack is also available on iOS.

To download a song with Audiomack, find the song you’d like to download and tap the three vertical dots, and hit add to download.

2. Audials Play

Downloading music from websites for free can be an illegal act in some countries but with Audials Play, you can get songs without being scared of running afoul the law.

Also, you can avoid malware and viruses that abound on some websites that offer you free downloads.

So how does Audials Play work?


This app allows you to record songs from various radio stations. After recording, then you go ahead to download the recording in the MP3 format to your phone.

3. SONGily

SONGily gives you the opportunity of free music download but majorly in form of covers, live versions and remixes.

Finding original songs is possible but hard to come across. You can get SONGily on the Play Store and on the SONGily site.

You can also use SONGily as a default music player.

4. Amazon Music

With Amazon music, you can get to download music for free from their platform although with the little stress of ads in between.

Amazon Prime subscribers have the access to an unlimited number of songs available on the platform. Even if you are not a prime subscriber you can stream songs on their library for free with ads in between songs.

There is a plus with Amazon music, which is that it also has thousands of “radio” stations, playlists, and podcasts that you can listen to or download.

5. Google Play Music

With Google Play music you have the access to more than 3 million songs and fantastic features on the app.

You can also use the Google Play Music app to upload songs and you can get recommendations of new music based on your preference of music and you get all this absolutely free on the Google Play store.


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