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Are Eyebrow Tattoos Safe? Risks and Precautions to Consider

by NaijNaira
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Are Eyebrow Tattoos Safe Risks and Precautions to Consider

A consultant dermatologist in Lagos, Folakemi Cole-Adeife, warns of possible health risks in getting an eyebrow tattoo done, also known as microblading.

This procedure produces a desirable shape to the eyebrows without needing frequent shaping or shaving and is pursued by many.

But if done improperly by an untrained aesthetician, there can be infections, keloid scars, toxicity and allergic reactions that can come from using unsterilized equipment or materials and poor aseptic techniques.

When signs of infection occur such as flu-like symptoms, itching or swelling at the tattooed area, seeing a dermatologist is strongly advised to avoid further complications.

In addition to this, Cole-Adeife mentions those with a history or excessive scarring or keloids should avoid any type of eyebrow tattooing due to the potential for developing more scars from the procedure in dark-skinned persons.

With that said, people are encouraged to find experienced aestheticians when pursuing microblading who’ll use a small test area first before proceeding in order to check for allergies on the dye used for the tattoo.

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