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Banknotes: Queen ‘Will Not Be Replaced’ by King Charles

by NaijNaira
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Banknotes Queen 'Will Not Be Replaced' by King Charles

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Australia has dealt a blow to King Charles by abandoning the British Royal Family and creating new banknotes with Indigenous-inspired designs.

The country’s central bank announced that its $5 bill, previously the last banknote depicting the reigning monarch, will be given an Indigenous-focused design to honour “the culture and history of First Australians.”

Though not everyone is pleased about these changes, treasurer Jim Chalmers welcomed it as “say more about our history and our heritage.”

Meanwhile, in the UK, currency with King Charles’ visage began circulating on December 8, 2022, making this the first time in many Brits’ lives that two monarchs have been featured on legal tender at once.

This dates back to a tradition started in the 1600s – with King Charles II himself – where each monarch faces opposite of their predecessor.

The only one who broke this custom was Edward VIII who chose to pose facing right even though he should have faced left.

It’s thought that he did this because he wanted to showcase his better side.

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