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BBNaija Star, Doyin David Takes Shots at ‘Lekki Big Boys’


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BBNaija Star, Doyin David Takes Shots at 'Lekki Big Boys'

BBNaija star Doyin Davies recently caused quite a stir online with a comment she made when she appeared as a guest on Nedu’s controversial podcast, the Honest Bunch.

Doyin particularly targeted the ‘Lekki big boys’, criticizing their tendency to present themselves as more wealthy than they actually are.

According to Doyin, many of these Lekki boys lead broke lives but rely on borrowed clothes and cars to appear wealthier than they really are and don’t even own homes.

With its roster of provocative topics, Nedu’s podcast has quickly become known for providing discourse that challenge common perceptions in the entertainment industry, such as homosexual acceptance and actresses’ salary.

See The Moment Doyin Exposes the ‘Fake Rich Boys of Lekki’:

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