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How Bet9ja Cut 1 works, the Rules and Meaning

by NaijNaira
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How Bet9ja Cut 1 works, the Rules and Meaning

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How does Bet9ja cut 1 work? What is it all about and what is its meaning and how is it played?

Simply put, Cut one offer is strategic; it’s just a way Bet9ja is encouraging accumulator betting and rewarding those who come close to winning their multi-bet slip.

With this offer, you do not get to lose your entire winnings even if one game cuts your ticket.

Bet9ja cut 1 is meant for punters who are tired of losing all their potential winnings to betting sites just because one of their games let them down.

They are most likely tired and can no longer continue to dash out their hard-earned money to Bet9ja.

And since they can no longer bear to lose their entire ticket just because one game’s prediction didn’t go their way, they take advantage of Bet9ja Cut One offer. And by the way, here are the top five Sites That Predict Football Matches Correctly.

What Bet9ja Cut one helps you achieve is the ability to place your accumulator bets with confidence. What that means is that even if one of your selections doesn’t tally with the final result, you can still get paid depending on the game that fails you.

How Cut 1 In Bet9ja Is Used

Losing an accumulator because of one game can be very frustrating and annoying!

Believe me when I say Bet9ja too are aware of this and to address that situation, they went ahead to introduce the Cut 1 feature.

Now you can be rest assured that if one of your selections lets you down, with this offer, you are saved from an entire loss of your initial bet. Hence their slogan of “if one game cuts, Betnaija pays”.

How Cut 1 Works On Bet9ja

This feature will only work if you pick up to five or more selections in your multi-bet slip. Also, you must select the ”Cut 1” option in your slip. It is after you’ve done these things that your odds will be recalculated to help you win even if you lose your selections.

But bear in that it is only bet slips that lose by one selection that qualify for this offer. If you lose by two selections then you should be looking for the Cut 2 option.

In addition, in fact, this is a given, you must be a registered Bet9ja user to benefit from this option. And note that at this moment, it is only in Nigeria that this offer is available.

And lest I forget, there are no such things as cut 2, cut 3 or any other cut number on Bet9ja – at least not now!

How To Play Cut 1 In Bet9ja

There is a video below that shows how you can play Bet9ja Cut 1.

If you don’t have much data to watch the video, I have outlined the simple steps below for you to follow:

  1. Create your multiple as normal – Remember it will need to have at least five events to qualify for Cut 1!
  2. Select the ‘Cut 1’ option on your bet slip
  • Your odds will be recalculated, allowing you to still win even if one game cuts your ticket
  • The payout will depend on which game cuts, with your odds, recalculated accordingly

Bet9ja Cut 1 Term and Conditions

See the Bet9ja Cut 1 rules in a nutshell:

  1. A valid bet9ja account is required.
  2. By ticking the ‘Cut 1’ box you agree to accept the lower maximum payout displayed on your bet slip
  3. The ‘Cut 1’ feature is only available on Bet9ja New Mobile.
  4. The payout on a ‘Cut 1’ accumulator will be recalculated depending on the odds of the winning selections in the multiple
  5. The ‘Cut 1’ feature will only be available on multiples of 5 legs or more
  6. The ‘Cut 1’ feature is available on any sports multiple
  7. The ‘Cut 1’ feature does not affect the Bet9ja up to 170% Multiple Boost

The rules, terms and conditions of this offer are clear-cut and straightforward. Even their requirements are simple to meet and you are guaranteed of winning something tangible from your initial stake.

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