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Beyoncé’s Reason for Not Collecting Her Grammy Has People Baffled

by NaijNaira
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Beyoncé's Reason for Not Collecting Her Grammy Has People Baffled

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BEYONCE shocked Grammy Award viewers by missing out on accepting one of her wins during Sunday’s award show – and fans aren’t buying her excuse.

The star had been nominated for nine awards, including the prestigious Album of the Year.

Viola Davis presented the Best R&B Song category, revealing Beyonce as the winner.

Fans eagerly watched, hoping to catch sight of Beyonce – who host Trevor Noah had earlier said was present.

Instead, two men stepped onstage to accept the award: Terius “The Dream” Gesteelde-Diamant and Nile Rodgers.

Terius spoke into the microphone before adding, “Beyonce thanks y’all.” Trevor followed, assuring viewers: “Beyonce is on her way; she’s stuck in traffic.”

He also announced that this win tied Beyonce with most Grammys awarded to one artist, ever.

Nile shared a few emotional words about working with Beyonce before Trevor revealed that she had arrived and joked about how no traffic could stop her from attending.

Fans weren’t buying Beyonce’s excuse, however, and flocked to Twitter to share their thoughts.

One viewer wrote: “If y’all believe for one second that Beyoncé is late in traffic,” with a half frowning face.

Another tweeted: “listen, I don’t believe she in traffic. I think Beyoncé just like me and is just late everywhere. maybe she almost stayed home. like me.”

A third added: “beyonce running late because of traffic really means “if you think i’m coming on before my performance you must be out yo mind”

Someone else added: “Trevor Noah clearly loves Beyoncé and knows she in the building keep’n out of the way”

Another fan tweeted: “Beyonce ain’t stuck in no traffic.”

Others seemed to find it funny, with one writing: “Beyoncé, late to the Grammys, on what will be her history-making night. Relatable queen. I love it.”

Ahead of this incident, both Adele and Beyoncé were seen out and about together rockin some stunning fashions at a showbiz brunch and Adele wrapping up her Las Vegas residency; with Adele receiving seven nominations and Beyoncé leading with nine.

Both were nominated for best album, song, and record of the year; while Beyoncé was celebrated for her album Renaissance featuring lead single Break My Soul and Adele’s nomination was for album 30 featuring single Easy On Me.

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