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Biden Takes a Jab at DeSantis Over Campaign Launch Mishap

by NaijNaira
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Biden Takes a Jab at DeSantis Over Campaign Launch Mishap

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As technical issues delayed Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ long-awaited presidential campaign announcement on May 24, President Joe Biden did not miss out on the opportunity to ridicule one of the candidates jockeying for his job.

“This link works,” Biden posted on his Twitter account, sharing a link to a donation page for his campaign as the DeSantis team and Twitter owner Elon Musk struggled to resolve the glitches plaguing their scheduled Twitter Spaces interview.

In a subsequent post, the president mocked DeSantis again with a video that also highlighted the six-week ab0rtion ban he recently signed into law and his previous support in Congress for cuts to entitlements.

“No matter what happens, you can hear Ron DeSantis’ agenda loud and clear,” Biden wrote.

And Biden was not the only person to poke fun at the disappointing start to DeSantis’ big announcement.

Following the interview, the hashtag “#DeSaster” began trending on Twitter, sparked by Donald Trump Jr.’s response to the situation. Others posted altered movie posters for the movie “Failure to Launch” starring DeSantis and Musk.

And former President Donald Trump oined the pile-on with a series of his own social media posts roasting DeSantis on Truth Social.

In one video, Trump shared a spoof of the botched Twitter Spaces interview that suggested DeSantis was backed by George Soros, World Economic Forum founder Klaus Schwab, former Vice President Dick Cheney, Adolph Hitler, the devil, and the FBI.

“Is the DeSantis launch FATAL? Yes!” Trump wrote in another post.

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