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How to Check WAEC Results (2024)

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Check For WAEC Result

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Want to know how to check your WAEC results? This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to access and view your results online.

Are you a student who recently took the WAEC examination and is eagerly waiting for your results? Here is a step-by-step guide on how to check your WAEC results quickly and easily.

How to Check WAEC Results

Checking your WAEC results is easy with this comprehensive guide. Follow the simple steps outlined here to quickly and conveniently access your scores.

Step 1: Send an SMS

On your phone, open the messaging app and type your WAEC examination number, followed by your PIN and the exam year. Make sure there are no spaces between them.

For example, if your examination number is 1234567890, your PIN is 123456, and the exam year is 2023, you would type: 1234567890123456*2023.

Step 2: Send the Message

Once you have typed the above message, send it to 32327. This is the number you need to send the message to in order to retrieve your results.

Step 3: Receive Your Results

Within a few moments, you will receive a message containing your WAEC statement of result. You can now view your results and see how you performed in the examination.

It is important to note that only MTN, Glo, and Airtel subscribers can use this SMS method to check their WAEC results. Additionally, there will be a cost for sending the SMS to check your WASSCE result.

In order to use this text message method, you will need a WAEC Direct Scratch card. The PIN from the scratch card is what you will need to input in the PIN section of the SMS you send to 32327.

Alternatively, students registered for the May/June examination can also access their results through the WAEC portal. Simply visit the official WAEC website and follow the instructions to view your results online.


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