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How to check Neco result

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check NECO result

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When will NECO result be out? Have you written the exam and want to check NECO result for 2023? Here is the way NECO Result Checker 2023 works which is by going on www.result.neco.gov.ng result checker portal.

NECO Website for checking SSCE Result or GCE result NECO is open. Check your NECO 2023 result online here.

NECO Result Checker Portal www.result.neco.gov.ng

The National Examinations Council (NECO) has released the SSCE/Internal candidates result online via www.result.neco.gov.ng or mynecoexams.com portal for candidates to login and check their results of the recently concluded 2022/2023 examinations.

If you would like to check your NECO exam result 2023, then you’re on the right page where we will guide you to look up NECO Result checker portal result.neco.gov.ng and successfully view your scores on the web site .

Also, you’ll check your NECO 2023 result for free online on NECO website and also print out your result easily with scratch card or without using scratch card, you’ll still view your result from NECO with your registration number.

Is the Result 2023 Out?

Yes, NECO Result 2023 is officially out on www.result.neco.gov.ng. Candidates can now see their results on the portal for the National Examination Council (NECO) online. we’ve made it very easy for you to see your result by yourself using your Reg number and NECO Token.

NECO has announced the discharge of the 2023 examination results of candidates. All candidates are instructed to login to NECO portal, check and print their results. you’ll do that immediately.

As the result is out from NECO, you ought to immediately check yours to see if you have passed the subject you sat for. Simply use the procedures we’ll provide to you in the next heading and you should be able to check your result from NECO.

Requirements to see your Result

Below are the information required of you to see your NECO result online;

  • Exam year
  • Exam type
  • Token
  • Registration number

How to find your Result Online at www.result.neco.gov.ng

NECO Result Checker 2023 is on the web site www.result.neco.gov.ng. If you would like to check your result on NECO Portal, then you’ve got follow the instructions below to know your NECO Result 2023 successfully:

  • Login to www.result.neco.gov.ng
  • Enter your NECO license number in the spaces provided.
  • Select the Examination Year e.g 2023.
  • Click on “Check Result”
  • Your 2023 NECO Result should be displayed on our screen.

After following all the steps above, you ought to be able to use the NECO 2023 result checker portal successfully and you will see your result online.

If you’ve got issues, you’ll still message the National Examination Council (NECO) support via the website.

You can still find the result using your scratch card. NECO Result scratch card is obtainable anywhere; banks, cyber cafes, etc. All you would like to do is to purchase one of them, key in the number and then see your result.

Also, you can check your NECO results and print out the original copy by visiting any nearest CBT centers in your locality.

Check NECO Result With Token

And if you prefer getting your NECO result via token, here is the procedure on how to check:

  • Visit the NECO result token page on your phone browser
  • Enter your full name
  • Type your correct phone number
  • Enter your email address
  • Type your password
  • Retype your password
  • Click on register
  • Select verify in the email sent to you
  • Login to your NECO token page
  • Click on purchase token
  • Enter the number of tokens e.g 1
  • Click on pay now
  • Select the I have verified the above information box
  • Click on Proceed to Pay
  • Click on Submit on the Remitta payment page
  • Select Payment method to get your NECO token

NECO Result Link Online

www.result.neco.gov.ng 2023 result portal for NECO. Candidates are to go to this website to check their NECO 2023 result. Previously, you’ll access the result on www.mynecoexams.com. Currently, to be ready to check result of any year from NECO, simply visit result.neco.gov.ng and you’ll be able to do so.

This article was written to help you login to NECO Portal and check your exam result via www.result.neco.gov.ng.

With all the small print we have provided, it should be quite easy for you to try to do so. But if you continue to need assistance while accessing the portal, then contact NECO offices or send a mail to support@neco.gov.ng.

How to Check NECO Result Without Scratch Card

In the past, checking the National Examination Council (NECO) result required the use of a scratch card. However, with recent advancements in technology, it is now possible to check your NECO result without a scratch card. This article will guide you on how to do so.

Steps to Check NECO Result Without Scratch Card

  1. Visit the official NECO website: www.neco.gov.ng
  2. Click on the “Results” tab on the website’s navigation menu
  3. Select the examination type (e.g., June/July or Nov/Dec)
  4. Choose the year of the examination
  5. Enter your examination number in the provided field
  6. Click on the “Check Result” button

After following these steps, your NECO result will be displayed on the screen. You can print the result or save it for future reference.


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