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Davido Explains Why He Deserves Forbes’ ‘King of Afrobeats’ Title



Davido Explains Why He Deserves Forbes' 'King of Afrobeats' Title

Davido, the Nigerian singer known professionally as David Adeleke, recently spoke about his recognition as the ‘King of Afrobeats’ by Forbes.

In an interview with Billboard News, Davido explained that it has always been his dream to see Afrobeats become mainstream in the Western world.

He also shared how he spent his formative years in America, spreading the gospel of African culture, food, and fashion.

As one of the first Afrobeats artists to be signed by a major international record label, Davido feels that the title is well-deserved.

He also credited the late legendary musician Fela Anikuilapo Kuti as the originator of Afrobeats.

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