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Dick Van Dyke suffered injury after a car crash in Malibu

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After losing the control of his car and crashing into a gate in Malibu, Hollywood legend Dick Van Dyke reportedly suffered a  bleeding from the nose and mouth, and also sustained other injuries.

According to sources, the attention of the police were called to a single-car accident, while they discovered the 97-year-old actor driving a 2018 Lexus LS 500 that had collided with a fence.

It’s reported that,  Dick slipped on the road after a downpour in Los Angeles, lost control of his vehicle, and hit the fence.

The Hollywood legend was reportedly found with bleeding from the lips and nose.. 

The victim,  admitted to authorities that he lost control of his vehicle after it skidded in the rain.

This is not the first time this would happen to him. In 2013, similar incident occurred. 

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