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DisCos to disconnect customers who have not paid for 12 days

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DisCos to disconnect customers who have not paid for 12 days

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The Nigerian Electricity Regulatory Commission (NERC) has given distribution companies (DisCos) the authority to disconnect customers who have not paid their electricity bills for at least 12 days.

This is in accordance with the commission’s recently released ‘Customer Protection Regulations, 2023’.

DisCos are permitted to disconnect a customer’s supply when they fail to pay the amount billed by the payment date specified on the bill or violate other agreed terms and conditions.

The payment date must be clearly stated on the bill and must be at least 10 days after the bill was delivered.

DisCos can then disconnect two working days later.

NERC also stated that DisCos must verify from their records that payment has not been made by the customer before disconnecting.

DisCos may also disconnect a customer’s electricity supply without notice if the customer is connected to the DisCo’s network in an unauthorised manner, if the customer’s connection is considered dangerous to the integrity of the network, or if the DisCo is not granted access to read a meter located within the customer’s premises.

Additionally, a DisCo may deny a customer’s request for supply of electricity if the customer refuses to provide an acceptable means of identification or pay the security deposit requested by the company.

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