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REVEALED! Underage Fraudsters (Yahoo Boys) and their Tactics in Nigeria

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REVEALED! Underage Fraudsters (Yahoo Boys) and their Tactics in Nigeria

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In a recent statement, Effa Okim, the Zonal Director of the Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) in charge of Edo, Delta, and Ondo states, shed light on how underage internet fraudsters, commonly known as yahoo boys, engage in fraudulent activities.

Okim revealed that these fraudsters often declare false ages to obtain driving licenses, which they then use to open bank accounts for storing their illicit funds.

The Consequences of Underage Fraud

Okim expressed concern over the fact that underage boys are being sent to jail for their involvement in fraudulent activities. Many of these youngsters claim to be 18 years old in order to open bank accounts and handle their criminal proceeds.

When apprehended, their parents often assert that their children are underage. Okim questions the parents’ role in these situations, asking why they were not aware when their underage children obtained driving licenses and opened bank accounts.

The Situation in Edo State

Okim highlighted that Edo State has the second-highest number of cyber fraud convicts in Nigeria, following Lagos State. He expressed his dismay at the prevalence of yahoo boys in hotels and emphasized that this tarnishes the reputation of Edo State. Okim believes that Edo, with its rich history, should not be associated with criminal activities.

The Chairman of the Edo State Chapter of the Nigeria Union of Journalists, Festus Alenkhe, urged Okim to provide journalists with timely and accurate information regarding these fraudulent activities.

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