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Fans condemn Cristiano Ronaldo for agreeing £173M-a-year deal with Al Nassr

by NaijNaira
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Fans condemn Cristiano Ronaldo for agreeing £173M-a-year deal with Al Nassr

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Fans have trolled Cristiano Ronaldo on social media for signing a £172.9 million-a-year contract with Al Nassr in Saudi Arabia.

The Portugal international’s contract at Manchester United was terminated earlier this month after he slated the club in a bombshell interview with Piers Morgan.

Ronaldo is now said to have signed a two-and-a-half year deal with Al Nassr – worth an eye-watering £172.9m per year – and fans couldn’t help but comment.  

One fan Tweeted: ‘Cristiano Ronaldo “Top Clubs want me, I’m still going to stay at the highest levels” About to sign for €200 million a season in Saudi Arabia. Like what! It’s like Messi going to America!! Ffs.’

Another added: ‘So much for Ronaldo wanting champions league football a contradiction.’ While, one wrote: ‘Money aside, Ronaldo is only going to #Saudi to score some easy goals so that his goal tally is falsely inflated so that he can beat Messi.’

Others said: ‘lmao Ronaldo fanboys… hope you guys go all the way to Saudi with him. Not still proven my manager wrong, not gotten a decent goal yet. Just a penalty’.

Another added: ‘Ronaldo off to Saudi. Hope he enjoys the champions league. Happy retirement.’ While another Tweeted: ‘Ronaldo did all of that to move to Saudi Arabia….ahh bro stop this goat stuff please’.

Other’s took to Twitter to criticise the financial aspect of the deal. One said: ‘Ronaldo getting £173m, for 1 year, ridiculous!!!!’. Another added: ‘As if Ronaldo needs any more money. Destroying his own legacy one stupid decision at a time’.

While others took to social media to share their disappointment at his potential move, claiming it could be detrimental to football.

One fan wrote: ‘Football going to be weird if Messi leaves to MLS and Ronaldo leaves to Saudi Arabia next season. Can’t allow that to happen’.

Al-Nassr are currently managed by Frenchman Rudi Garcia, who has previously coached Roma, Marseille and Lyon. They also play in a 25,000 seater stadium.

Ronaldo’s move comes shortly after his contract at Manchester United was terminated. He parted ways with the club after giving an explosive interview with Morgan that saw him criticise the club, Erik ten Hag and the Glazers.

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