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Ranking the Top 10 Fastest Football Players in the World

by NaijNaira
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Ranking the Top 10 Fastest Football Players in the World in 2022

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The pace of football has changed drastically in the last couple of decades as teams have evolved in their approach to matches.

Flair and skills have been reduced for the sake of results, the aim to win trophies and championships.

Gone are the days when players with dribbling skills were well respected, these days, they are not more referred than other players especially those who possess speed.

Teams need speed to play counter-attacking football and catch the opponents unawares. With speed, players can beat their markers in a one-on-one situation.

There have been some players in the past with extreme speed with examples like Theo Walcott, Gareth Bale, Aaron Lennon, Arjen Robben, and a host of others.

10 Fastest Football Players in the World

However, we identify ten of the fastest footballers in the world in 2022.

10) Kingsley Coman

Fastest Football Players in the World

Team- Bayern Munich

Position- Left winger

Top speed- 34,83 ​​km/h

Kingsley Coman is a french international whose speed is quite visible to all. He’s utilized his speed in France with PSG, Serie A with Juventus, and Germany with Bayern Munich.

In 2022, he’s continued to destroy defences in the Bundesliga. The 25-year-old is lean and slim with long legs but it’s uncertain if he will continue at the top flight with his fitness issues.

Recent reports indicate the winger could retire early due to fitness problems.

9) Mohamed Salah

Fastest Football Players in the World

Team- Liverpool

Position- Right winger

Top speed- 35 km/h

Salah is one of the highest-scoring forwards in the Premier League with Liverpool since joining the team five years ago.

He’s used his pace to devastating effects scoring 32 goals in the Premier League in his first season and hitting double digits every season.

Salah also packs a bit of skill but his pace is quite difficult to match, Premier League defenders can testify.

8) Leroy Sane

Fastest Football Players in the World

Team- Bayern Munich

Position- Left winger

Top speed- 36.51 km/h

Leroy Sane has been a speedster since his academy days and broke out quickly at Schalke before securing a move to Manchester City.

Despite being a strong left-footer, Leroy Sane struggled at Manchester City, to provide the expected output.

However, at Bayern Munich, his speed keeps causing problems for Bundesliga defenders.

7) Adama Traore

Fastest Football Players in the World

Team- Wolverhampton Wanderers

Position- Left-winger

Top speed- 35.5 km/

Adama Traore ultimately utilizes his speed but not goal-wise. The Wolves winger is bulky but still packs speed in his thighs.

This has made him a subject to pulling and dragging by defenders hence the reason he pours oil on his arms to make it difficult for defenders to catch up with him.

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6) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

6) Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang

Team- Chelsea

Position- Centre-forward

Top speed- 35.5 km/h

Pierre Emerick Aubameyang is sleek and agile with a touch of dribbling skills in abundance which takes attention away from his speed as a fast player.

His speed is evident on the flanks and in one and one situations as he beats defenders in 50/50 duels.

5) Kyle Walker

Fastest Football Players in the World

Team- Manchester City

Position- Right-back

Top speed- 35.71 km/h

Kyle Walker comes up in every discussion regarding speed and pace in the Premier League, one of the fastest players in the World definitely.

Walker emerged from Tottenham years back and his speed has made him very potent on the wings as a fullback. Despite his age, Walker remains very fast.

4) Kylian Mbappe

4) Kylian Mbappe

Team- Paris Saint Germain

Position- Centre-forward

Top Speed- 36 km/h

What Mbappe does with the ball at his feet is difficult for defenders to understand especially with his quick thinking and his decisiveness.

The 23-year-old stays fit all through the game and when defenders are tired, he speeds past them with ease.

3) Erling Haaland

Liverpool vs Manchester City Confirmed Lineups

Team- Manchester City

Position- Centre-forward

Top Speed- 36.04 km/h

Since bursting into the big stage, the Norwegian has shown impressive strength, stamina, and speed most importantly.

The rate at which Haaland charge at defenders is scary and he backs it up with strength, agility, and shot power.

2) Achraf Hakimi

Fastest Football Players in the World

Team- Paris Saint Germain

Position- Right-back

Top speed- 36.48 km/h

Achraf Hakimi is a cheat as a right-back, one of the best in his position in the world.

He’s the fastest right-back in the world and has played for some of the biggest club sides in world football including Real Madrid and Dortmund.

1) Alphonso Davies

Fastest Football Players in the World

Team- Bayern Munich

Position- Left-back

Top speed- 36.51 km/h

Hardly anyone will argue that Alphonso Davies is the fastest player in the World.

Davies has been exceptional, especially in one on one situations, his run on the flanks terrifies opposition defenders. The 21-year-old will be scary in the coming years.

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