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Female student sets boarding school on fire after being caught with a man

When firefighters arrived, the wood-and-concrete building that housed the 57 children was “engulfed in flames,” the fire service said



Female student sets boarding school on fire after being caught with a man

A tragic incident occurred at Mahdia Secondary School in Guyana, where a dormitory fire claimed the lives of 19 children.

Investigations revealed that the fire was deliberately set by a teenage female student who was upset about having her cell phone confiscated.

The student had been disciplined for having a relationship with an older man, and it is believed that this was the motive behind her actions.

The dormitory had been locked to prevent the girls from sneaking out at night, and the house mother was asleep inside when the fire broke out.

She managed to escape but lost her five-year-old child in the blaze.

The building’s windows were heavily barred, and five doors were locked, making it difficult for firefighters to access the dormitory.

This tragic incident highlights the importance of ensuring the safety and well-being of students in boarding schools.

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