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First Bank Account Number & BVN: 6 Ways to find it

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If you are looking for ways to retrieve your First bank account number, it’s your lucky day because that’s exactly what this write-up is all about.

This article will guide you with different ways you can get back the NUBAN digit within a twinkle of an eye.

Your account number should be kept in a safe place where you can always reach out for it in case of emergency.

In case you have forgotten or lost yours, we have listed the simplest ways to get it from your bank below.

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How To Check First Bank Bvn On Mtn, Airtel, Glo, 9Mobile

If you are an MTN, Airtel, Glo, or 9mobile user and would like to confirm your Firstbank Bank Verification Number (BVN), simply dial 5650#. Once entered, you will receive an 11-digit code that is your BVN.

Meanwhile, here is how To Check BVN On First Bank online?

Do you know how to check my First bank card number?

How To Check My First Bank ATM Card Number

Are you wondering how to find your debit card number? If you have your physical ATM card with you, check the front side for the number. If not, there are various online and offline methods to help you trace it. These include searching for it on your welcome kit, bank mini statement, net banking, or contacting your bank’s customer support.

Remember to keep your card number confidential and secure; alongside the card number is a CVV (Card Verification Value) which should also be kept secure.

Code to Check FirstBank Account Number

To check your Firstbank account number, dial *894# using the number associated with your first bank profile >> input mobile PIN >> you will see an option for “account number” >> select it and your account number will be sent to you via sms.

As soon as you get your account number, copy it out in your diary or you can save it on your phone contact list for quick reference.

This method is easier and quicker because it requires no internet connection and it works for all phone types.

First Bank Account Number

All you need do is to make sure you use the number you registered with the account is the phone number you are using to dial the code.

Chat with First Bank on their Website

You can also retrieve your account number by contacting First bank customer care online. All you need to do is get an internet-connected device usually a smartphone.

  • Visit their website (www.firstbank.com)
  • Navigate to the personal banking section
  • Click on savings accounts
  • Request your account details and you will receive them in no time.

Use Facebook & Twitter

You can also check your account number using your social media platform. To check your account number using this method, this is what you will do;

  • Login to your Facebook or Twitter account
  • Search for First bank page and confirm it is their verified page
  • Make a request for your account number
  • You will be asked to provide your name and the phone number you used to register the account
  • Your details will be verified by the customer care agent
  • You will receive your account details in no time

This method requires an active internet connection on your phone

How To Find Account Number On First Bank App

You can also retrieve your account number via First bank mobile app. The first bank mobile app is an application that provides their customers the privilege to access their account activities via mobile app.

This application gives you the opportunity to check your account balance, transfer money to your First bank account and other banks, airtime recharge from your account, paying of electricity, DSTV, and water bills, data subscriptions, ATM card blocking, cheque book requests, ATM card re-issuance, etc.

To check your account number using this application, here’s how to find First bank account number on app:

  • Using your smartphone, download the First bank mobile app from Google Play or the Apple store.
  • To download the application, go to your Google play store and search for the First bank mobile app
  • Install the application and log in.
  • Go to manage account, select account number and you will see it written on the page.

Visit Their Nearest Branch to You

Another way to retrieve your account balance is by going to the nearest bank branch close to you.

Yes, you can easily walk into the closest branch around your location.

Ask for their customer care agent at the banking hall and request your account number from them.

You may be asked by the customer care agent to provide the following; account name, phone number, date of birth, home address, next of kin, etc.

Whichever question you are asked be sure to give accurate information. Once your details are verified, your account number will be given to you.

Retrieve First Bank Account Number By Calling Customer Care

Using the phone number linked to your account, dial +23419052326 or +2347080625000 or +23414485500.

Before dialing any of the numbers make sure your account details are close to you.

Like your account name, phone number, home address etc. These details may be used to confirm your identity.

Your account number will be sent to you as soon as your details are verified and confirmed.

Contact First Bank Via Email Address

To check your account number using an email which is the customer service email address is very simple.

Just send a message from your email address to their email (firstcontact@firstbanknigeria.com) requesting for your account details.

Do make sure you answer whatever questions you will be asked about your account correctly.

Your account number will be forwarded to your email address.

Concluding First Bank Account Number Check

All these methods discussed above are reliable methods you can use to get your First bank account number at any time.

However, the best and easiest method is to use the USSD code. If that option isn’t viable, you can then try contacting them using phone numbers, etc.

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