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First Bank Salary Structure for Staff in 2024 Detailed in FULL

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First Bank Salary Structure

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Want to know about the First Bank salary structure for employees in 2023? This article will give you an inside look at the different tiers of salary including details on bonuses and benefits.

Have you ever wondered what an employee of First Bank Nigeria (FBN) Limited earns each month?

In this article, we’ll take an in-depth look at the salary structures of various positions in the bank.

From contract workers to entry-level workers to Banking Assistants (BA), Assistant Banking Officers (ABO), Senior Banking Officers (SBO), Assistant Managers, and higher authority personnel, we’ll examine how much is paid to employees by First Bank per month.

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How much is contract staff salary in First Bank Nigeria?

The monthly basic salary range for contract staff of First Bank of Nigeria Limited in 2023 is between ₦82,000 and ₦120,000, which translates to a yearly salary ranging from ₦984,000 to ₦1.4 million.

This structure is employed by the bank but can vary depending on which outsourcing company the staff member works under.

How much is First Bank Graduate Trainee salary?

The monthly basic salary of entry-level staff at First Bank of Nigeria Limited in 2023 is around ₦176,000, adding up to a yearly income of ₦2.1 million.

In addition to their base salary, workers at this early career stage receive various other monetary compensation which boosts their total earnings substantially. These employee profiles are freshly graduated professionals that have recently joined the bank’s workforce.

How much does Banking assistant make?

Within First Bank, Banking Assistants receive a monthly salary amounting to ₦203,000 (just over ₦2.4 million annually) and enjoy other employee benefits.

This salary package was specifically designed to reward experienced workers for the expertise and dedication they bring to the bank.

Assistant Banking Officer salary at First Bank of Nigeria

The salary structure for Assistant Banking Officers, also known as ABOs, at First Bank of Nigeria Limited is quite generous, paying out ₦300,000 or more per month. This totals an annual salary of ₦3.6 million or more.

How much is Banking Officer’s salary in FBN?

At First Bank of Nigeria Limited, the salary structure for banking officers is quite lucrative. Banking officers are paid a monthly salary of approximately ₦400,000, amounting to an annual salary of ₦4.8 million without taking into account any allowance or bonus payments.

A banking officer carries plenty of responsibility, but also comes with some great financial rewards.

How much does a senior Banking Officer earn?

First Bank of Nigeria Limited offers a very attractive salary structure for their Senior Banking Officers. The monthly earnings for this role would be approximately ₦500,000 or more depending on the job responsibilities and in a year can sum up to an amount of ₦6 million or more.

It is vital to note that the position is highly competitive and demands high intellect. Thus an individual must work very hard with due diligence in order to get selected for it.

How much is Assistant Manager salary in First Bank?

The monthly salary of assistant managers at First Bank Nigeria typically falls between ₦700,000 – ₦800,000, resulting in an annual take-home pay of ₦8.4 million to ₦9.6 million.

As they carry out important managerial duties and are entrusted with complex tasks, their compensation reflects the high importance placed on their experience and expertise.

How much is manager salary at First Bank Nigeria?

The salary structure of managers at First Bank of Nigeria Limited is extremely lucrative. Deputy managers, senior managers and principal managers all receive significant incomes.

Currently, the specific figures have not been publicly released yet; however, the bank will make this data available in the near future. We are actively tracking this information to update our readers on the exact amounts.


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