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Former President Buhari’s Fashion Choice Divides Opinion in New Photo

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Former President Buhari's Fashion Choice Divides Opinion in New Photo

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A recent photo of former Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari and Minister of Communications and Digital Economy Prof Isa Ali Pantami has sparked a debate on social media.

Some Nigerians expressed concern over Buhari’s outfit in the photo, questioning why he wasn’t wearing the nice outfits he wore during his tenure in the Aso Rock.

Others speculated that he may have given away his clothes to the poor.

However, some defended Buhari, stating that as a private citizen, he has the right to dress as he pleases.

AM_Saleeeem wrote: “Seriously, where are the clothes Buhari used to wear when he was in Villa? This is too early na.”

FATOGUNS wrote: “Those clothes used to wear are almost forced on him o! The reason he was dead hungry to get out Govt to live his normal life. Baba no get time for top notch look o. You no see sey his living room still remains the way it was prior his presidency.”

LIVING LEGEND  wrote: “You know Buhari is a good man. He must have given them out to the poor.”

Drei salt wrote: “Someone that should have been behind bars with handcuffs. Thanks to my president BAT for being generous.”

Salman_Faris wrote: “But you know as president there’s someone in charge of your dressing right?”

YaYa Abba  wrote: “They’re the same clothes… ciko ne kawai aka dena masa yanzu.”

Fonerh wrote: “Don’t suffocate buhari.”

Capt. J A M I L wrote: “Leave the private citizen alone. He dressed for the public then. Let Buhari Breath.”

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