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Frank Lampard spotted at Stamford Bridge: Is he eyeing a return to Chelsea?

by NaijNaira
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Frank Lampard spotted at Stamford Bridge Is he eyeing a return to Chelsea

Frank Lampard, a beloved former player and manager of Chelsea, was spotted at Stamford Bridge during a recent match.

This comes as the club searches for a new manager, with official contacts being made with Julian Nagelsmann and Luis Enrique.

Lampard, who left the managerial post in 2021, was warmly welcomed by fans who joked that he may want his job back.

During his playing days, Lampard was the all-time top scorer for the club with 211 goals.

While his managerial stint may not have ended well, his presence at the match was a reminder of his legacy at Chelsea.

The team continues to search for a new manager as they strive for success on the field.

See Fans’ reaction to Lampard’s attendance below:

@FPLPhilly wrote:

”He’s surely not going to luck himself into another Premier League team is he???”

@timzim9 wrote:

”Haha trying to get back into the bosses good books”

@mayor_n tweeted:

”Aah incoming manager assessing the team”

@FN_1878 wrote:

”Defo gonna try and get a caretaker role”

Accordig to Sun UK, the club are considering hiring Frank as a caretaker manager until the end of the season to allow for more time in their managerial search.

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