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Spyro: “My Story has changed”

by NaijNaira
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 Spyro, the Nigerian singer who is currently the rave of the moment  has talked about going down memory lane.

The musician  shared tragic tales of times when he pleaded for financial assistance in people’s direct messages on social media.

Spyro in his post, acknowledged asking his friends for money so he could buy food for himself. The artiste thanked God for altering his tale with his most recent hit song, “Who’s Your guy,” and said that everything else was now in the past.

In his post, he said:

It’s really amazing what God can do in a man’s life. I remember a couple of months, I was broke, and I was disappointed in life. I felt like, is this dream of mine ever going to come true? “I will enter into peoples’ DM to beg for help.

He further explained:

Things were that bad and it makes me feel a lot of people are going through the same situation or similar situations.

He further prayed for whoever going through difficulties that God is going to give them a life- changing  testimony.




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