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Godwin Emefiele to escape DSS Onslaught by becoming refugee in UK

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Godwin Emefiele to escape DSS Onslaught by becoming refugee in UK

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Fearful of the State Security Service threatening his position and security, Governor Godwin Emefiele of CBN has taken the drastic decision to become a refugee in the United Kingdom.

Sources close to Emefiele have confirmed that he is seeking asylum status in order to protect himself from possible onslaught from the DSS.

“Since it is now looking impossible for him to return to Nigeria, the next move is to file for asylum in the UK,” a source said under anonymity to discuss the matter with The Gazette. “The UK is his first option for asylum, but he has not ruled out the United States, either.”

His ties to Britain and plans for his family have weighed heavily on his decision, leading him to apply for refugee status immediately upon his arrival in the UK.

Despite having first assumed office as CBN Governor almost six years ago, this is allegedly the most intense pressure he has ever faced.

As of December 2020, Mr Emefiele had gone on to America from London but a return to Britain was expected soon.

According to reports, he left Nigeria between December 9th and 10th, and after receiving presidential approval to go on vacation until January 9th 2023 – a date which is seen as crucial for both him and the President – rumors have emerged that he may be seeking refugee status in the United Kingdom.

Sources close to the situation state that January 9-10 are the crucial dates for a resolution as the governor must take his post at this time or the President will have to make a decision.

To guarantee safety, Godwin is relying on a December 13 court order denying the SSS’ request for an arrest warrant against him as insufficient evidence was present.

Though he had ambitions towards seeking presidential nomination earlier this year, he decided against it after the President’s orders.

It has also been speculated that Mr Emefiele introduced these controversial restrictions in order to hinder politicians’ attempts at bribery ahead of elections, as most transactions are now conducted electronically and must be traceable and taxable.

However, Godwin has denied any allegations of looting public funds intended for printing new notes and hopes that with these measures in place, control over currency can be maintained and can ultimately bolster the Nigerian economy.


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