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Gtb Dollar Card ~ Get, Activate, Fund & Charges

by NaijNaira
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Do you shop a lot on foreign sites? Have you ever been restricted from buying something online because you have reached the spending limit on your guaranty trust bank naira master card? Do you think gtbank exchange rate is too high? If your answer is Yes to at least 1 of these questions, then you do need gtb dollar card.

The truth is things are getting better of recent, i mean compare to late 2016 and early 2017 when the value of the Naira was on a free fall. Most bank place limitations on how much you can spend on foreign site with your Naira card.

It was as low as $100 per month but couple of days ago, i receive message from gtbank that i can now spend up to $3000 with my Naira master card. Meaning most people might not even need the dollar card.

However, if you still think their shouldn’t be a spending limit or can’t just keep paying 450 Naira for a dollar, then you might want to get yourself a gtbank dollar card.

gtb dollar card

Requirement to Get Gtb Dollar Card

If you transact in foreign currencies, then i will recommend you get yourself a dollar mastercard especially if you already have a fully functioning domiciliary account in gtbank and have a constant foreign currencies cash inflow.

Gtb Domiciliary Account: You can’t apply for a dollar card except you have a domiciliary account.

Minimum Balance of $50: You need to have atleast 50 US Dollars in your dom account or its Naira equivalent in your Naira denominated savings account. This is so they can charge you for the card which amounts to about $24.

How to Apply for Gtbank Dollar Card

  • For Application via Gtworld: Login >> Swipe to the left on your dashboard >> Tap on Cards >> Dollar Card Request >> Complete application form.
  • To Apply via Internet Banking: Login to your dashboard >> Click on Cards on the left side bar >> Dollar Card Request >> Fill out the form >> Submit.

Once you have met the above requirement, you can then initiate the application process. You can apply via the gtworld app, from your internet banking dashboard or visit any close branch of the bank and complete dollar card request form.

I was sent my dollar card account number the same day i applied but took 3 working days for my gt dollar card to be ready.

They notified me via both SMS and email that my mastercard is ready for pick up at my chosen branch.

I made sure i activate the card before i left the bank which took less than 30 minutes. I spent about an hour for both pick up and activation. Yours might be longer though depending on the working day and branch.

Activate Gtbank Dollar MasterCard

Method of activating this card is different from that of Naira Visa/Master Credit card. The first rule here is never change PIN until you are told to do so.

You have to first get in touch with gtbank customer care agent who you have to convince you are the rightful owner of the atm card in question.

Either you call with the branch land phone which is free or you can go home and call gtconnect with your airtime and later visit any branch of gtb to activate.

The first option is recommended because it is cheap and less stressful.

  • Call gtconnect from the branch land line.
  • Tell him/her you want to activate your dollar card.
  • Then you have to confirm you are the owner of the account and card by answering some questions which include but not limited to;
  • Account number, when it was opened, BVN, Date of Birth, Mother’s Maiden’s Name, details of your last 5 transactions, numbers on card, Answer to your security question etc.
  • If your answers is the same with what is on their database, the activation process will be initiated.
  • You will then be asked to wait for 15 minutes and change the PIN. Default PIN is 0000.
  • In case they face some unusual delay on their end, i always asked people to wait for about 25 minutes before they change PIN.

Note that you can only change the PIN using gtbank ATM. That’s it, your card is ready for use.

How to Renew Gtbank Dollar MasterCard if Expired

If the card expires, all you have to do is walk into your pick up branch (the branch you collected the expired one) and request for a new dollar card.

You will be asked to fill a renewal form which will then be used to check if a new card has arrived (which it would in most cases) for you.

If it has, you might need to complete more documentation before it will be issued to you. Then you have to go through the above activation process again.

You might have to wait for about a day (24 hours) before you can start using the card for online transaction. You will be charged about $23 dollars for renewal fee.

Funding Gtb Dollar MasterCard

I will assume you have logged in to your internet banking dashboard or gtworld mobile app. Navigate to Account Transfer >> Own Account >> Dom account you want to transfer from >> Dollar card account >> Amount you want to transfer >> Submit.

You can only fund your dollar card account using any of your domiciliary account(s). This can be done via internet banking or Gtworld mobile app.

Your domiciliary account will be debited and your dollar card account will be credited immediately. The whole transfer process takes less than 20 seconds.

Gtbank Dollar Card Charges & Limitations (Monthly)

  • Card Issuance Fee = $20.
  • Annual Fee = $18.
  • POS cash advance = $6.25 + 0.1% of transaction amount.
  • ATM Withdrawals = $3.50 per withdrawal.
  • POS & Online transactions = Free.
  • ATM Withdrawal = $1000 (or equivalent in the local currency of any transaction).
  • POS = No Limit.
  • Web (Online) = No Limit.

Above are the monthly limitations and charges associated with gtbank dollar debit card.

There you have it on gtb dollar card. Kindly share this article using the social sharing buttons below.

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Thank you for the info. My question is will I be charged for transferring fund from my dom account to my dollar debit MasterCard?

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