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Hakeem Odumosu’s Appointment as EFCC Chairman Sparks Outrage

by NaijNaira
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Hakeem Odumosu's Appointment as EFCC Chairman Sparks Outrage

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The reported appointment of Hakeem Odumosu as the new Chairman of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has sparked outrage among Nigerians.

Odumosu, a former Commissioner of Police in Lagos State, is facing criticism for his alleged role in the EndSARS protests, with some accusing him of ordering the shooting of protesters and the arrest and prosecution of peaceful demonstrators.

The appointment is subject to confirmation by the Senate and has not yet been officially confirmed.

Odumosu would replace Abdulrasheed Bawa, who was recently suspended by President Bola Tinubu over allegations of gross abuse of office.

See some of the comments below.

@Shehusky wrote: “Tinubu appoints retired (AIG) of police. Hakeem Odumosu as EFCC chairman. Can someone from the corrupt Nigerian police fight corruption? The many blunders of Tinubu.”

@essentialbolu wrote: “Hakeem Odumosu as Head of EFCC. Is this a joke or something. You have guys like Fatai Owoseni and other fine officers and it is Odumosu. I also blame the EFCC, why is the agency so consciously Northernised, there must be a cadet trained by EFCC who can do a good job.”

@JBAdamu wrote: “Confusion! Odumosu is the 3rd appointment so far as Chairman of EFCC. This has to stop. Tinubu cannot continue to announce names as EFCC Chairman to deceive Nigerians. Who is the Chairman of EFCC? Are we in a military regime that appointments no longer go to NASS for confirmation?”

@chooaeb wrote: “I will not believe the appointment of Hakeem Odumosu as the EFCC chairman until @NTANewsNow breaks it.”

@olasekoni wrote: “Akeem Odumosu to EFCC is a NO. I take it as fake news.”

@ose_anenih wrote: “The STRONG reservation I hold over the nomination of Odumosu as EFCC head is that he was the Lagos State Commissioner of Police when the #EndSARS massacre occurred.

“I still remember that video of his men gunning down a young man in cold blood; and picking up the expended shell casing.”

@TheIOShowa wrote: “Hakeem Odumosu, the newly appointed EFCC Chair, was Commissioner of Police, Lagos State, in Lagos during the #Endsars protests in 2020, during which several youths were killed, as confirmed by the Lagos Judicial Panel Report. Hoodlums were transported on state-owned buses to attack protesters; none were arrested, but numerous #EndSARS protesters were arrested, incarcerated, punished harshly, and tortured. Expect more political persecution, victimization, and misuse of authority. They haven’t learned or forgotten anything throughout the years. #RevolutionNow”

@ManLikeBright wrote: “Odumosu to be EFCC chairman, Tinubu is really hell-bent on making sure that not one opposition will breathe. If you move anyhow they’ll open your file same thing OBJ did. Silencing oppositions.”

@FAGalileo wrote: “We knew BAT can’t fight corruption, it’s already written in the stars. But to be this BRAZEN with the appointment of Hakeem Odumosu, it’s a JOKE taken too far. I’m wishing that this is mere speculation. If they want to make NIGERIA an official banana Republic, let’s know, please.”

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