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How Many Tribes Does Nigeria Have? – The FULL List

by NaijNaira
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How Many Tribes Does Nigeria Have?

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Curious about the ethnic diversity of Nigeria? Uncover the answer to the question “How many tribes does Nigeria have?” and delve into the rich cultural heritage of this vibrant nation.

Discover the diverse cultural landscape of Nigeria with this comprehensive list of all the tribes in the country.

Find out how many tribes Nigeria has and explore their unique traditions and customs.

How Many Tribes Does Nigeria Have?

As the most populous country in Africa, Nigeria is a melting pot of cultures and traditions. With 371 ethnic groups, each with its unique heritage, Nigeria is a treasure trove of diversity.

From the Yoruba in the west to the Igbo in the east and the Hausa in the north, these ethnic groups collectively form the vibrant tapestry that is Nigeria.

Exploring Nigeria’s tribes is like embarking on a fascinating journey through time and culture.

Each tribe has its language, customs, and traditions, adding to the rich fabric of the nation.

Whether it’s the colorful festivals of the Yoruba, the traditional attire of the Igbo, or the hospitable nature of the Hausa, Nigeria’s tribes offer a glimpse into the nation’s incredible diversity.

Language in Nigeria

Language is a powerful tool that connects people, and in Nigeria, it is particularly significant.

While English serves as the official language, there are over 500 languages spoken across the country.

These languages, such as Igbo, Yoruba, and Hausa, have deep roots and are spoken by millions of native speakers.

By embracing these languages, Nigeria celebrates the heritage and culture of each tribe.

They serve as a unifying force that brings people together, allowing for greater understanding and appreciation of the different ethnic groups.

Whether it’s the rhythmic tones of the Igbo language or the melodic sounds of Yoruba, language is a vital thread that weaves the Nigerian identity.

List Of Ethnic Group In Nigeria

Ethnic Group NameLocation
AbayonCross River State
Abua (Odual)Rivers State
Achipa (Achipawa)Kebbi State
Adara (Kadara)Kaduna State, Niger State
AffadeYobe State
AfizerePlateau State
Afo (Eloyi)Nasarawa State
AgboCross River State
Akaju-Ndem (Akajuk)Cross River State
Akweya-YachiBenue State
Alago (Arago)Nasarawa State
AmoPlateau State
AnagutaPlateau State
AnangAkwa Ibom State, Cross River State
AndoniAkwa Ibom State, Rivers State
AnkweiPlateau State
AnyimaCross River State
Atyap (Kataf/Katab, Attakar, Kagoro, Kafanchan, Marwa/Manchok)Kaduna State
Auyoka (Sub-Hausa)Jigawa State
AworiLagos State, Ogun State
AyuKaduna State
Bura-PabirAdamawa State, Borno State, Yobe State
BachamaAdamawa State
BachereCross River State
BadaPlateau State
BadeYobe State
BahumonoCross River State
BakulungTaraba State
BaliTaraba State
Bambora (Bambarawa)Bauchi State
BambukoTaraba State
Bajju (Kaje, Kajji)Kaduna State
Banda (Bandawa)Taraba State
Banka (Bankalawa)Bauchi State
Banso (Panso)Adamawa State
Bara (Barawa)Bauchi State
BarkeBauchi State
Baruba (Batonu)Kwara State, Niger State
Bashiri (Bashirawa)Plateau State
BassaKaduna State, Kogi State, Niger State, Plateau State
BattaAdamawa State
BaushiNiger State
BayaAdamawa State
BekwarraCross River
Bele (Buli, Belewa)Bauchi State
Berom (Birom)Plateau State
Betso (Bete)Taraba State
BetteCross River State
BileiAdamawa State
BilleRivers State
Bina (Binawa)Kaduna State
Bini (Edo)Edo State
BobuaTaraba State
Boki (Nki)Cross River State
BokkosPlateau State
Boko (Bussawa, Bargawa)Niger State
Bole (Bolewa)Bauchi State, Gombe State, Yobe State
BotlereAdamawa State
Boma (Bomawa, Burmano)Bauchi State
BomboroBauchi State
BudumaBorno State,
BujiPlateau State
BuliBauchi State
BunuKogi State
Bura-PabirAdamawa State, Borno State, Yobe State
BurakBauchi State
Burma (Burmawa)Plateau State
BuruYobe State
Buta (Butawa)Bauchi State
BwallPlateau State
BwatiyeAdamawa State
BwazzaAdamawa State
ChallaPlateau State
Chama (Chamawa Fitilai)Bauchi State
ChambaTaraba State
ChamoBauchi State
Chibok (Kibaku people)Borno State, Yobe State
ChinineBorno State
ChipPlateau State
ChokoboPlateau State
ChukkolTaraba State
DabaAdamawa State
DadiyaBauchi State
DakaAdamawa State
DakarkariKebbi State, Niger State
Danda (Dandawa)Kebbi State
DangsaTaraba State
Daza (Dere, Derewa)Bauchi State
Deno (Denawa)Bauchi State
DghwedeBorno State
DibaTaraba State
Doemak (Dumuk)Plateau State
OuguriBauchi State
Duka (Dukawa)Kebbi State
Dundudun (Dunka)Taraba State
Duma (Dumawa)Bauchi State
Ebana (Ebani)Rivers State
EbiraEdo State, Kogi State, Ondo State
EbuEdo State, Kogi State
EfikCross River State
EgbemaRivers State
Egede (Igede)Benue State, Cross River State
EggonNasarawa State
Egun (Gu)Lagos State, Ogun State
EjaghamCross River State
EkajukCross River State
EketAkwa Ibom
EkoiCross River State
EkpeyeRivers State
Engenni (Ngene)Rivers State
EpieBayelsa State
Esan (Ishan)Edo State
Esit EkidAkwa Ibom State
EtcheRivers State
Etolu (Etilo)Benue State
EtsakoEdo State
EtungCross River State
EtunoEdo State
PalliAdamawa State
Fulani (Fulbe)Adamawa State, Bauchi State, Borno State, Gombe State, Jigawa State, Kaduna State, Kano State, Katsina State, Kebbi State, Kwara State, Niger State, Plateau State, Sokoto State, Taraba State, Yobe State, Zamfara State
Fyam (Fyem)Plateau State
Fyer (Fer)Plateau State
Ga’andaAdamawa State
Gade peopleNiger State Nasarawa State
GalambiBauchi State
Gamergu-MulgwaBorno State
GanawuriPlateau State
GavakoBorno State
GbeddeKogi State
GengleTaraba State
GejiBauchi State
Gera (Gere, Gerawa)Bauchi State
Geruma (Gerumawa)Plateau State
GingwakBauchi State
GiraAdamawa State
GizigzAdamawa State
GoemaiPlateau State
Gokana (Kana)Rivers State
GombiAdamawa State
Gornun (Gmun)Taraba State
GoniaTaraba State
Gubi (Gubawa)Bauchi State
GudeAdamawa State
GuduAdamawa State
GureKaduna State
GurmanaNiger State
GururntumBauchi State
GusuPlateau State
Gwa (Gurawa)Adamawa State
GwambaAdamawa State
GwandaraKaduna State, Niger State, Federal Capital Territory, Nasarawa State
Gwari (Gbagyi)Kaduna State, Federal Capital Territory Abuja, Nasarawa State, Niger State, Kogi State
Gwong (Kagoma)Kaduna State
GwomTaraba State
Gwoza (Waha)Borno State
GyemBauchi State
Ham (Hyam, Jaba, Jabba)Kaduna State
HausaBauchi State, Jigawa State, Kaduna State, Kano State, Katsina State, Kebbi State, Sokoto State, Taraba State, Gombe State, Yobe State, Zamfara State
HolmaAdamawa State
HonaAdamawa State
IbaniRivers State
IbenoAkwa Ibom State
IbibioAkwa Ibom State, Cross River State
IchenAdamawa State
IdomaBenue State, Cross River State, Kogi State, Nassarawa State
IgalaKogi State
IgboAbia State, Anambra State, Delta State, Ebonyi State, Enugu State, Imo State, Rivers State
IgedeBenue state, Cross River State
IjumuKogi State
IkaDelta State, Edo State
IkomCross River State
IkwerreRivers State
IrigwePlateau State
ImanAkwa Ibom State
IsokoDelta State, Bayelsa State
Itsekiri (Isekiri)Delta State
ItuAkwa Ibom State
Itu Mbio UsoAkwa Ibom State
Iyala (Iyalla)Cross River State
Izon (Ijaw)Bayelsa State, Delta State, Edo State, Ondo State, Rivers State
Jahuna (Jahunawa)Taraba State
JakuBauchi State
Jara (Jaar Jarawa Jarawa-Dutse)Bauchi State
Jere (Jare, Jera, Jera, Jerawa)Bauchi State, Plateau State
JeroTaraba State
JibuAdamawa State
Jidda-AbuPlateau State
Jimbin (Jimbinawa)Bauchi State
JipalPlateau State
JiraiAdamawa State
JoinkramaRivers State
Jonjo (Jenjo)Taraba State
JukunBauchi State, Benue State, Plateau State, Taraba State
Kaba (Kabawa)Taraba State
KalabariRivers State
Kajuru (Kajurawa)Kaduna State
KakaAdamawa State
Kamaku (Karnukawa)Kaduna State, Kebbi State, Niger State
KambariKebbi State, Niger State
KambuAdamawa State
KamweAdamawa State and Borno State (Republic of Cameroon)
Kanakuru (Dera)Adamawa State, Borno State
KanembuBorno State
KanikonKaduna State
KantanaPlateau State
KanuriAdamawa State, Borno State, Taraba State, Yobe State, Nasarawa state.
Karekare (Karaikarai)Bauchi State, Yobe State
KarimjoTaraba State
KariyaBauchi State
KeRivers State
Kenern (Koenoem)Plateau State
KentonTaraba State
Kiballo (Kiwollo)Kaduna State
KilbaAdamawa State
Kirfi (Kirfawa)Bauchi State
KodeiTaraba State
KonaTaraba State
KonoKaduna State
Koro (Kwaro)Kaduna State, Niger State
Kubi (Kubawa)Bauchi State
Kudachano (Kudawa)Bauchi State
KugamaTaraba State
KugboRivers State
Kulere (Kaler)Plateau State
KuniniTaraba State
Kurama (Akurmi)Kaduna State, Jigawa State
KurdulAdamawa State
KushiBauchi State
KutebTaraba State
KutinTaraba State
KwallaPlateau State
Kwami (Kwom)Bauchi State
KwanchiTaraba State
KadungBauchi State, Plateau State
KwaroPlateau State
KwatoPlateau State
Kyenga (Kengawa)Kebbi State
Laaru (Larawa)Niger State
LakkaAdamawa State
LalaAdamawa State
LamaTaraba State
LamjaTaraba State
LauTaraba State
LimonoBauchi State, Plateau State
Lopa (Lupa, Lopawa)Niger State
Longuda (Lunguda)Adamawa State, Bauchi State
MaboPlateau State
MadaKaduna State, Plateau State
MamaPlateau State
MambillaAdamawa State
Mandara (Wandala)Borno State
Manga (Mangawa)Yobe State
Margi (Marghi)Adamawa State, Borno State
Mafa (Mofa)Adamawa State, Borno State
MbembeCross River State, Enugu State
MbolAdamawa State
MbubeCross River State
MbulaAdamawa State
MbumTaraba State
Memyang (Meryan)Plateau State
Milighili (Mighili)Plateau State
Miya (Miyawa)Bauchi State
MobberBorno State
MontolPlateau State
Moruwa (Moro’a, Morwa)Kaduna State
MuchailaAdamawa State
MumuyeTaraba State
MundangAdamawa State
Munga (Lelau)Taraba State
Munga (Mupang)Plateau State
MupunPlateau State
MusherePlateau State
Mwahavul (Mwaghavul)Plateau State
NdoroTaraba State
Ngas (Angas)Plateau State, Bauchi State
NgizimYobe State
Ngweshe (Ndhang.Ngoshe-Ndhang)Adamawa State, Borno State
NyiffonBenue State
Ningi (Ningawa)Bauchi State
Ninzam (Ninzo)Kaduna State, Plateau State
NjayiAdamawa State
NkimCross River State
NkumCross River State
Nokere (Nakere)Plateau State
NunkuKaduna State, Plateau State
NupeKogi State, Kwara State, Niger State
NyamTaraba State
NyandangTaraba State
OboloRivers State, Akwa Ibom
OdodopCross River
OgoriKogi State
OgoniAkwa Ibom State, Rivers State
OgbaRivers State
Okobo (Okkobor)Akwa Ibom State
OkirikaRivers State
OkpamheriEdo State
OlukumiDelta State
OronAkwa Ibom State, Cross River State
OsosoEdo State
OwanEdo State
OweKogi State
OworoKogi State
Pa’a (Pa’awa Afawa)Bauchi State
PaiPlateau State
PanyamTaraba State
PeroBauchi State
PireAdamawa State
PkanzomTaraba State
PollTaraba State
Polchi HabeBauchi State
Pongo (Pongu)Niger State
PotopoTaraba State
Pyapun (Piapung)Plateau State
QuaCross River State
Rebina (Rebinawa)Bauchi State
ResheKebbi State, Niger State
Rindire (Rendre)Plateau State
RishuwaKaduna State
RonPlateau State
RubuNiger State
RukubaPlateau State
RumadaKaduna State
RumayaKaduna State
SakbeTaraba State
SangaBauchi State
SateTaraba State
Saya (Sayawa Za’ar)Bauchi State, Kaduna State, Plateau State
Segidi (Sigidawa)Bauchi State
Shanga (Shangawa)Kebbi State
Shangawa (ShanKadunagau)Plateau State
Shan-ShanPlateau State
Shira (Shira )Bauchi State
ShomoTaraba State
Shuwa (Baggara Arabs)Adamawa State, Borno State, Kaduna State, Yobe State
SikdiPlateau State
Siri (Sirawa)Bauchi State
Srubu (Surubu)Kaduna State
SukurAdamawa State
SuraPlateau State
TangaleGombe State
Tarok (Yergam)Plateau State, Taraba State, Nasarawa State
TemeAdamawa State
Tera (Terawa)Bauchi State, Borno State
Teshena (Teshenawa)Kano State
TigonTaraba State
TikarTaraba State
TivBenue State, FCT, Nasarawa State, Niger State, Plateau State, Taraba State
TulaGombe State
TurAdamawa State
UbboAdamawa State
UdekeamaRivers State
UfiaBenue State
UkelleCross River State, Ebonyi state, Benue state
Ukwani (Kwale)Delta State
UncindaKaduna State, Kebbi State, Niger State,
Uneme (Ineme)Edo State
Ura (Ula)Niger State
UrhoboDelta State, Bayelsa State.
UtonkongBenue State
Uwanno (Weppa-Wanno)Edo State
UyangaCross River State
VemgoAdamawa State
VerreAdamawa State
VommiTaraba State
WaggaAdamawa State
WajaBauchi State
WakaTaraba State
Warja (Warja)Bauchi State
WarjiBauchi State
WurboAdamawa State
WurkunTaraba State
YacheCross River State
YagbaKogi State
Yakurr (Yako)Cross River State
YallaBenue State
YandangAdamawa State, Taraba State
YorubaEkiti State, Kogi State, Kwara State, Lagos State, Ogun State, Ondo State, Osun State, Oyo State
YottTaraba State
YumuNiger State
YungurAdamawa State
YuomPlateau State
ZabaraNiger State
ZarandaBauchi State
Zarma (Zarmawa)Kebbi State
Zayam (Zeam)Bauchi State
Zul (Zulawa)Bauchi State

Conclusion on How Many Tribes Does Nigeria Have

While Nigeria’s tribes may have unique characteristics, they are united by a shared sense of national pride. Despite their diversity, Nigerians come together to celebrate their country’s achievements and support one another in times of need. This unity is evident in moments of joy, such as during the country’s Independence Day celebrations, as well as in times of adversity when Nigerians rally together to overcome challenges.

By embracing the rich diversity of Nigeria’s tribes, and appreciating the unique contributions of each ethnic group, we can build a more inclusive and harmonious Nigeria.

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