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How to Download & Install Betking Nigeria App on Android & iOS

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Download & Install Betking Nigeria App

The Betking Nigeria mobile app can be accessed on Android on the Google Play Store. But it is not all iOS gadgets that have access to the Betking app in all areas.

English is the primary language of the two mobile apps and I bet you will find the Betking app’s layout, colour, and features appealing.

As it should be, Betking Nigeria app is also protected from any external attacks, and its speed is superb.

Downloading & Installing Betking Sportsbook Mobile App

Downloading and installing the Betking app is easy and will only take minutes.

Betking App is available on Google Play for Android gadgets, unlike the regular sportsbook apps. However, you need to follow specific procedures and search the app on the play store to get this app on your phone.

Steps to follow to download the Betking app:

  1. Make sure you have sufficient space on your phone because it can affect installing the Betking app. A minimum Ram space of 512MB is sufficient for a functional app
  2. Open Google Play on your phone and search the Betking app
  3. Tap install to start downloading the Betking app
  4. The Betking app will appear on your phone’s menu.
  5. Open the app and begin placing bets

When downloading the Betking sportsbook app on your Android gadget, minimum requirements must be met so that installation can be successful.

However, there is no need to worry if your Android gadget is modern. Some of the requirements include being 18 years and above, and you need an operating system of Android 4.1 or above.

Downloading Betking Sportsbook Mobile app for iOS

Betking mobile app is also available for iOS users on the iTunes Store in specific regions.

See steps to download and install the app in areas where the app is available:

  1. Go to the apps tray on your phone and tap on the iTunes app store
  2. Click on the search box at the top of the screen and type the name Betking
  3. A complete list of the available and best options will appear, and you can select the correct one
  4. Tap on the Betking app from the suggestions
  5. Betking requires you to fill in specific information. After doing that, please read the terms and conditions, accept the T&Cs to begin downloading the Betking app
  6. After download is complete, tap on the app and initiate the installation process

If you are one of the lucky ones to access the iOS app on their iOS devices including iPhone and iPad, the requirements are that you need to be 18 years and above and your operating systems should be iOS 7.0 or above.

Betking Mobile Version

With the Betking Mobile Version, you get a seamless mobile betting experience using a mobile browser or mobile app. The mobile website has all the features you’ll find on the desktop website, meaning you can do everything on the go.

App Main Features

You will find all Betking features via the mobile app, features like registration, promotions, and payment options.

Some of the most outstanding features on the app include the following:

  1. Book A Bet – It allows you lock the price you want until you place your bet
  2. Coupon Edit – You can use this feature to edit your bet slip before placing a bet. You can edit stake, market selection, and odds change.
  3. Cash Out – Betking cash-out feature allows you to lock a profit if your bet is winning or close a losing wager and recover your stake.
  4. Live betting – You can place in-play wagers on hundreds of markets on Betking
  5. Re-bet – Betking allows you reload the available open selections and place the wager again. You have an option to add and remove events.


Some of the issues complained about the Betking app is that it is hard to use, especially for novices. The betting company hopefully will improve the user interface and make it more friendly. Also, not all iOS users can access the app. Betking needs to expand the regions so more people can use the iOS Betking app.

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