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Happy New Month Message To My Girlfriend Jan. 2024

by NaijNaira
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Happy New Month Message To My Girlfriend

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Need Happy New Month Message To My Girlfriend? These are the top and best Happy New Month Messages, Wishes, and Prayers you can send to your loved ones (husband, wife, spouse, partner, siblings, girlfriend, or boyfriend) in this month of January 2023.

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Happy New Month Message To My Girlfriend

Sweet happy new month messages to my girlfriend you can send to your girlfriend.

1. Another month is here and my heart feels uncomfortable cause you’re far away, but when fear arises, I think of you and our time together, and that gives me comfort. Happy New Month, Love.

2. ‎For there is a season, and a time for everything and matter, this is a new season for us honey, let’s hold hands and face this new month together.

3. ‎‎A new day began today, no one knows this but it’s a new beginning and a fresh start for me, because I get to see your lovely face, I am strengthened to face another month.

4. ‎The old days are over, all behind us now, though we don’t know what the future holds, we can start finding out from this new month arriving.

5. ‎Even if you feel the last month has shot some stress at you, and you feel exhausted, worry not, a new sun has risen and I am here to relieve you of your stress.

6. ‎This new month comes with a beautiful nature, you can see that in the happiness reflecting on the faces of people, I’ll see mine in yours.

7. ‎Every month comes with a bundle of new blessings to favour us, it’s left for us to claim them and flourish ourselves, but the blessing I want to see is your smile.

8. ‎Today is the start of a new day, a new month and another time to look forward to better days, to find out what the future hold for you and I.

9. ‎Just last night, I said goodnight to you but as nature will have it, here you are, waking up in my embrace and in another beautiful month.

10. ‎No doubt, behind us now is the last month, before us is the new month, shining upon us a new sun, let’s saddle up to enjoy its benefits, my love.

Happy New Month Wishes to My Girlfriend

Cute Happy New Month Wishes to My Girlfriend you can send to your Girlfriend.

11. ‎Honey, as the previous month left with its baggage, let your focus be on this new month, as it comes with hopes for a better tomorrow.

12. ‎A new chapter has opened, the old one behind us, I’m looking forward to each day in this new month to see the new surprises it would bring about you.

13. ‎I’m looking forward to all of the tomorrow in this new month, I want to dedicate myself at each point to discovering genuine things about you.

14. Honey, it’s a new month with new goals, let’s renew our love in a new light, as we both savour every moment that each day brings.

15. ‎It is difficult to know what is going to start the new month, but we can choose to begin with love so that each moment in it becomes easier for us, my Queen.

16. ‎My wish for this new month is that my heart beats for you always and that our love increases every minute, by the day.

17. ‎You’ve been the light of my heart for a long time, so this new month, there’s nowhere to go or be, but here, still in love with you. Welcome to a new month, Honey.

18. ‎Every time we enter into a new month, I exhale in happiness because each new month takes us further into the future.

19. ‎Every day, you beat my heart with your amazing smile, sharing with me the deepness of your beauty, so this month again, my heart is available, just for you.

20. ‎Every moment, in each day, is a special one, so it doesn’t matter if it’s a new month, because it would only be another special month.

Happy New Month to My Girlfriend Wishes

Happy New Month Wishes to My Girlfriend you can send to your Girlfriend.

21. ‎My Lady, it was nice spending time with you all through the previous month, it’s another hopeful month here again, for me to continue my time with you.

22. ‎As this month breezed through, may the sun in this month mingle its shiny smile with its ray and rejuvenate your soul with new love.

23. ‎There is a bliss that got me overwhelmed, especially when I think about you this month, this bliss comes at the mere thought of you, it overpowers me and I feel contented.

24. ‎People are advised to always dream big but I’m afraid I might lose focus of you, so I’d rather you be the limit of my dream and the focus of my prayer. Happy New Month, Baby.

25. ‎The nicest thing about days lies in not knowing what’s coming but the beauty in every month is the fact that you’re here with me and even when you’re away, you’re just a call away.

26. ‎Even in this troubled times, I still gain happiness in your embrace and that’s the best part about knowing you. Happy New Month, Honey.

27. ‎My Lady, happy new month. I want you to know that every smile, every hug and every love you’ve ever showered on me, are not slight things at all, it’s from them I found great strength for every month.

28. ‎Your existence is such a blessing to me, while each month, life throws different struggles and disappointments, you made the choice to replace my fears with love. Thanks, Darling, Happy New Month.

29. ‎It’s a new month, and I can’t wait for you to enchant me with your magical smiles and endear me to you in your succulent embrace.

30. ‎You are irreplaceable, your kindness and care inspire me in incomparable ways, o can’t imagine me without you. Happy New Month, my Angel.

Happy New Month to My Girlfriend Quotes

Best Happy New Month Quotes to My Girlfriend you can send to your Girlfriend.

31. ‎A new month is here, it’s time to flip the calendar, a time to start a fresh journey, to count and mark dates of events and anniversaries.

32. ‎There is nothing, I repeat, nothing in the world can compare to a woman’s sincere love and I count myself a blessed soul, to have you extend your sweet pure love towards me. Welcome to May.

33. As the new month shines a new sun, I want to look into your eyes and tell you how beautiful you are, even though you already know it and confess it to you how you complete me.

34. Happy ‎new month, to my amazing gift who’s always been my sidekick that when I’m hurting, at a rock bottom and the way out seems to be closing in on me, your constant love and cheer.

35. ‎We met weeks ago, it feels like we’ve been together for a long time since it’s our first month together, let me wish you a happy new month, my dear.

36. ‎I was at a point of quitting cause I feel the struggle is overpowering me, but God send me a helper and here you are, restoring me with your smile. Happy New Month, my Heart.

37. Our love has just started to bloom, it’s another month again and it’s time to open your heart my beloved and allow more love radiate through your eyes.

38. ‎My heart beats for you anew, you brought me out of my comfort zone and led me through the unknown, now I feel refreshed, thank you for being here. Happy New Month.

39. ‎A new month open the door to other new ideas, new friends, and a fresh outlook but more importantly, new hugs and love from you, my Love.

40. ‎Just as natural food is needed every day for sustenance, also I crave your love every day to feel renewed emotionally and this new month, I can’t wait to be rekindled.

Happy New Month to My Girlfriend SMS

Sweet Happy New Month to My Girlfriend Sms you can send to your Girlfriend.

41. ‎My Love, I know the past month was a handful, with so many pressures, this new month, if you ever need a shoulder, I’ll offer you mine to lean on.

42. ‎I am not all perfect, there are moments when selfishness got the best of me, but this month, I have decided to repent and selfless with you, Happy New Month, my Queen.

43. ‎I surrender my emotions and feelings for you to captivate, enchant me with your pleasant and charming smile all over again in this new month.

44. ‎Little hurts and disappointments are bound to come us both, but my unselfish and your own altruistic nature will lead us through to happiness. My Love, Happy New Month.

45. I have ‎an unexpected gift for you this month, I give to you my heart. I know it’s what you already have but this time, I’m giving you the Beat thereof.

46. ‎I have been in love with you years before I know you, I loved you in past months, I will love you this month and I’m never going to stop loving you in months and years to come.

47. ‎Honey, new months is not just about seasonal changes or switch in calendars, it’s a time for us to reboot our thoughts and feelings. Happy New Month.

48. ‎Every new month is a time to reflect on the past ones and look back on mistakes and start all over, Happy New Month, Darling.

49. ‎Before being my heartthrob, you’re my best friend, the one who captured my heart, whom I cherish and look forward to every new month.

50. ‎One step at a time, that’s how I started my journey to your heart, little by little, time after time, you came to be into my heart, this new month, the journey continues.

Inspirational Happy New Month Wishes to My Girlfriend

Inspirational Happy New Month Wishes to My Girlfriend you can send to your Girlfriend.

51. ‎I can’t deny that I have an addiction. My Queen, you’re that addiction and I don’t want to be free from, not now, not ever. Happy New Month.

52. ‎Everytime I see a new month, I count it as a blessing, though trials from last month got my back against the wall, I’m happy I have you to hold on to.

53. ‎I don’t know if it’s a proven fact or not but every new month that I get to see and be with you, I feel healthier and I need more of you around me. Happy New Month, Honey.

54. ‎Your smile has healed me of my many wounds, so I want you to share that your smile with the whole world as we enter this new month.

55. ‎This month is a new beginning for both us to renew our love, cause I want to be with you always. Happy New Month to you, My Heart.

56. ‎I was told, that one of the measures of how worthwhile your life has been, is how many people you have made happy or sad, thank you, honey, for being my happiness. Happy New Month.

57. Happy New ‎Month Dear, I pray in my heart, that we’ll be together till the end of time and that every moment in your embrace will be a time to remember.

58. ‎Let’s leave behind all things that sadden our mind in the last month, and make the most of the times in this new month to cherish each other.

59. ‎In this new month, I’m dedicating myself to love you more before, to keep you warmer and to lift off any burden on your shoulder.

60. I might not know anything, but this much I do know, that the heart wants what it wants and with each passing day, my heart beats only for you, my Love. Happy New Month.

Sweet Happy New Month Messages to My Dear

Heart-touching and Sweet Happy New Month Messages to My Girlfriend you can send to your Girlfriend.

61. ‎It’s a whole new month again, and this time I want to fall in love again, not just with anyone but with you, I want to get lost in your eyes again.

62. ‎The sky is clearer, the sun is shining, the stream is singing, and the wind is whispering, it’s a new season, it’s a new month.

63. ‎Every minute of the day, every week in every month and year, wherever I go, whatever I’m doing, if I remember you, smile find its way to my face. Happy New Month.

64. ‎I’ve heard stories of many heroines, some are dead while the rest are living. You’re a strong passionate woman. Happy New Month, my very own Heroine.

65. ‎Anytime we see a new month, I see another you, not perfect but more lovely and warm with a sunny smile. Happy New Month, my Queen.

66. ‎I have been blessed to see you in different shades, but I must confess that your outward beauty is just a tip of what’s inside of you. Happy New Month Baby.

67. ‎I have a word for you as we enter into this new month, that no matter how hard and tough, sweet or sour this month may be, nothing will ever break us apart.

68. ‎It’s been said, that once we find the one who makes our heart beats, we have to fight. You know, I’ll fight for you anytime, even in this new month.

69. ‎The love in your heart draws a beautiful smile and the way you do it, I can’t fathom how. Happy New Month.

70. ‎Hey Beautiful, it’s a fresh month again, I just want to be free and happy, won’t you rather join me, in this freedom and happiness trip.

Happy New Month to My Girlfriend Greetings

Amazing Happy New Month to My Girlfriend Greetings you can send to your Girlfriend.

71. ‎Baby, this new month, you know a tree don’t make a forest, for us to make our love last longer and forever, it’s up to you and me to make that happen.

72. ‎Sweetheart, I can only imagine what this new month hold in stock for us, you are the one who fascinates and inspire me and I need your inspiration still.

73. ‎Time, swiftly passes, another month is here again, I am missing you so much that I can’t wait to see you today and have my new month hug.

74. ‎I have always shown you care but you deserve more than that. Since this is a new month, I will improve my love for you.

75. The new month is here, my Love, and there is a voice in my heart, telling me to hold you close because your heart is incredible and you deserve more love.

76. This new month, I want to be intentional in the way I love you, in every way possible, because in loving you lies my happiness.

77. ‎Never forget how much I love you, I might be forgetful of many things but not of the love I have for you and yes My Heart, Happy New Month.

78. My Queen, even if the past month makes you feel bad and give you some ache in your heart, smile for the new month is here.

79. ‎There is a shout underneath my silence, it’s a voice within my heart riding through the wind, wishing you a happy new month.

80. ‎For every time the season changes, I have a fond memory of you, and now it dawned on me that we’ve come a long way. Happy New Month, Beautiful.

Beautiful Happy New Month Messages to My Love

Beautiful Happy New Month Messages to My Girlfriend you can send to your Girlfriend.

81. ‎My Lady, I have a message for you and it reads, “You have changed my heart by your love and my heart is glad beyond metric. Happy New Month.” from the man in the mirror.

82. ‎With a thankful hearts, Honey, let’s give gratitude to the King of heaven for giving us another month to cherish each other the more.

83. ‎If love was an achievement, I can’t imagine how much of it you’d have acquired, cause you have deep within you a love so amazing. Happy New Month, Angel.

84. ‎My heart exhales in the bliss of the new month, I rise up happy in the morning thinking about you and how I will love you with your beautiful charm.

85. ‎In this new month, let’s open our heart to something tangible, cause this month promises a warm and blissful experience.

86. ‎The reality is that only a few people in the world are regarded as VIPs, but you should know that irrespective of that statistic, you’re the VIP in my heart. Have an awesome month ahead.

87. ‎ You found me when my heart was wandering the lonely path and I found love in your eyes, let’s continue our discovery of self in this lovely month.

88. ‎It’s been a pretty long time, they say tomorrow isn’t promised but here we are in the new month. Baby, rejoice and celebrate, for a new day is here.

89. ‎This special month, I pray that God gives you inexplicable joy, a solemn peace to ease your hurting mind cause you deserve to be happy my Love.

90. ‎Each new month that arrives comes with a whole lot of goodies you’ve already wished for but it’s now left to you to claim it. Surprise yourself with the new month surprises, My Queen.

Best Happy New Month Blessings to My Lover

Outstanding Happy New Month Blessings to My Girlfriend you can send to your Girlfriend.

91. A new month brings us favourable chances to explore the days but I must thank you cause you have bring hope with your love for a better tomorrow.

92. ‎You know that the future is so much better with an open heart than with a scorned one right? So fill your heart with love for a wonderful future, Happy New Month, my Love.

93. If I wish that you never fall, then I don’t want you to learn, so I’ll pray that anytime you fall, you’ll rise even above your fears. Welcome to another month.

94. ‎It is grace, my Love, that has got us this far, I realise that we’re blessed, it wasn’t a promised journey, cause many wished to be here but can’t and here are we. Happy New Month.

95. Baby, ‎you have no idea how much, if only you knew how much those little moments with you matter to me. And so I want to enjoy those times with you again, in this new great month.

96. No matter how dark my day is, at the thought of you alone always brightens it, I want you to know that there’s no one who can replace you. Happy New Month.

97. ‎When a man loves a woman, it’s no more secret, I’m somewhere I’ve never been before, so completely in love with you, Happy Lovely Month and thank you for sharing your love with me.

98. ‎It’s something so beautiful, to think back and realise we’re still going strong and together, to think that I almost lost you. Welcome to another blissful Month, Honey.

99. ‎We are victorious, we beat the last month and we are taking on the new month, let the race began. My Heart, Happy New Month.

100. ‎If for instance, I have a thousand tongues, to start counting God’s blessing towards me, Baby, you’ll be first on my list, but since I only have one tongue, let me just wish you a Happy New Month.

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