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How to Spot Scams with Reverse Image Search

by Thomaz Oseghale
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How to Spot Scams with Reverse Image Search

From eCommerce stores to social media and dating platforms, scammers are everywhere. They use multiple techniques to loot people and run away with their money. Unfortunately, most of the time, people must realize they are being scammed.

However, you can quickly locate any scam attempt. For that purpose, you should learn about various kinds of scams.

Moreover, you should also use the reverse image search method every time you purchase from a new online store or someone contacts you and asks for money.

Before exploring the topic, we need to learn what reverse photo search is.

Reverse Image Search

Reverse image search is the method of fetching data from multiple search engines using the images as input.

When people search for anything using images, the algorithms of search engines analyze and inspect multiple elements of those pictures and bring results according to them.

After developing image finders, people don’t need to depend on text to get information. They can also use images for that purpose. In many cases, it is much better than textual queries.

Let’s learn about the different kinds of online scams and how to spot them!


Catfishing is a new technique that many scammers use to fraud people. In this method, they use others’ pictures, contact various people, and ask them for some financial help or loan.

Unfortunately, this technique is very common these days, and people worldwide have already lost millions of dollars.

How to Spot Catfishing Scam with Reverse Image Search?

Identifying catfishing scams isn’t that much complicated as many think. A single search over the web can help people learn whether a real person or a scammer contacts them.

For example, suppose someone creates a profile using any of your acquaintances’ names and contacts you for some financial help.

In that case, you can upload the profile picture on a photo search facility to see whether the person is genuine or not.

It can show all the social media profiles having that profile image. You can quickly analyze them and learn which profile is real and which is fake.

Dropshipping Scam

The boost of online shopping has paved the way for drop shipping scams. Many fraudsters create accounts on big eCommerce platforms, develop their stores, and sell products at an incredibly lower cost.

However, when people order some items and pay for them upfront, they get nothing in return. Even if they get those products, they are incredibly cheap in quality.

How to Spot Dropshipping Scam with Reverse Photo Search?

Photo search platforms can also assist you in locating which eCommerce stores or accounts are dependable and which aren’t. Moreover, they can also help in knowing the actual supplier of a product. 

As many scammers steal product images from online stores and place them on their websites or accounts, you need to use the image search method before placing any order.

When you upload the product’s picture on an image finder, it helps you reach the website or the store of the real supplier or manufacturer.

This trick can also help you compare rates. So, use it before purchasing any product from a new store.

Dating Scams

In this kind of scam, many people create fake profiles using others’ images and make relations with others. Usually, many people fall into the trap of scammers and get exploited later.

How to Spot Dating Scams with Reverse Image Search?

Although many don’t know about it, reverse image search engines are beneficial in discovering who is the person on the other end of the chat.

If a person has contacted you on a dating app or platform, you should immediately upload the picture on the reverse image search engine and check the social media profiles of those people.

It will make you aware of those people and decide whether you should contact those people or not. Moreover, if the person is involved in any criminal activity, reverse photo lookup can also be aware of it.

Holiday Frauds

In this kind of scam, fraudsters create accommodation and booking websites and loot people visiting a place for the first time.

Many book accommodations with these websites, and when they reach their destination, they find out that they have been scammed and the hotels or accommodations don’t even exist.

How to Spot Holiday Frauds with Reverse Image Search?

To ensure whether a booking website is credible or whether the accommodation exists, you must use the photo search facility.

When you upload a picture of the hotels, you will be able to discover where that hotel exists and who are the real owners of those hotels.

Moreover, you can also get reviews about those hotels, which can help you decide whether you should book them or not.

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