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How to Use WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

by NaijNaira
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How to Use WhatsApp on Multiple Devices

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WhatsApp users can now link multiple devices to their account, including smartphones.

Previously, only one smartphone could be linked, but now up to four additional devices can be linked, just like with web browsers, tablets, and desktops.

Each linked phone connects to WhatsApp independently, ensuring end-to-end encryption for personal messages, media, and calls.

To set up an additional phone, download and launch WhatsApp, tap the “Link to existing account” option to generate a QR code, then scan the code on your primary phone under “Linked Devices” in settings.

Once synced, you can switch between phones without signing out and access all your conversations, group chats, and other features on both devices.

Just note that if your primary phone is inactive for a long time, you will be logged out of all companion devices.


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