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Dstv Extra View In Nigeria, Price, Channels, Setup

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Dstv Extra View In Nigeria

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Are you interested in setting up Dstv Extra View in Nigeria? If so, read on to learn the basics of this service, including its cost, setup procedure and what benefits you can expect when using it.

We’ll explain exactly what DStv Xtraview is, the types of decoders necessary to use it and how to set up additional views.

Don’t wait any longer – let’s dive right in!

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Dstv Extra View In Nigeria: What is it?

In Nigeria, DStv Extra View is the perfect solution for households with multiple TV viewers who want to watch different channels on different decoders.

Instead of having to subscribe a separate account for each decoder, linking two decoders into one single account allows you to enjoy multiple channels at the same time.

So family members can all watch their preferred shows without any argument over which remote they should use!

Link up to three decoders under one single account and enjoy access to various channels simultaneously.

With an additional cost of ₦2,753.22 per decoder, you and your family can view up to three live TV stations at a time, allowing everyone to record their favorite shows!

How “Xtra view” functions?

DStv Extra View is a service that enables subscribers in Nigeria to run two or more decoders under one single account.

There are two ways you can set up your Xtraview – through a communication wire or an intelligent LNB.

However, if you have a single dish or standard system, then you will need to get a DStv Smart Switch to connect the decoders.

Each secondary decoder can only be connected to the main decoder twice and the primary decoder sends out pulses every 90 seconds to the secondary decoder.

An E143 error code may be shown if the secondary decoder fails to receive a ‘heartbeat’ signal from its primary decoder.

Primary and secondary decoders

Here, the primary decoder is the main decoder with a premium DStv subscription that provides access to all the channels and services offered.

Secondary decoders are additional units used in the setup and are able to access the same programs as the primary decoder.

Installing or configuring Xtraview

Installing a DStv Extra View in Nigeria is relatively straightforward, though you do need to have a basic understanding of how a DStv system works in order to set it up properly.

If you’re feeling confident, following the installation instructions should be enough for you to get it running, but if not, don’t worry – just find an experienced installer and they’ll be able to help you out!

Which decoders are compatible with Xtraview?

To get started, you need to have at least one Explora decoder. All models, both new and old, can be used for an additional view connection.

That’s also true of HD and SD decoders that come with the Explora package. It’s important to note, though, that HD PVR and SD decoders are not compatible with a triple-view setup.

However, specific Xtra view installations have been known to make use of three linked HD decoders.

Which LNB is best for DStv Xtra viewing?

Depending on the model of your decoder, you can either use a smart switch, a universal twin LNB or DStv smart switch.

You will need an 80cm dish if you want optimum signal reception. Decoders such as Explora 1, 2 or 3 and HD 5s or 6 models are compatible with a smart LNB or switch for extra view setup.

How are DStv Xtraview cables connected?

This service requires the use of a Smart LNB, which offers more ports for connecting the decoders and enables them to share the same signal from the dish.

To set up an Extra View connection, each decoder must be connected to the Smart LNB via a coaxial line, Uni-cable connection (for later decoder types), or a universal interface (for older decoder models).

HD decoders can only be used with HD capable Explora or uni-cable enabled HD decoders.

Heartbeat Connection

To utilize an intelligent LNB in Nigeria and take advantage of the Extra View Service from DStv, you will need to connect all decoders using a “heartbeat cable” or communication wire.

The primary decoder will send out a pulse signal every 2-3 minutes to the other decoders which is known as a heartbeat signal.

If there is no pulse signal being sent, then the secondary decoder will show E143 on its screen.

Newer models of DStv Do Not require the use of heartbeat cables as they include an intelligent LNB or Smart Switch which is able to transmit and receive heartbeat signals.

This process is also referred to as Uniview installation and it does not need a RF-out connector for it to work even if some decoders lack them.

The newer DStv smart LNB or smart switch decoders do not require a heartbeat cable and use a process known as ‘Uniview Installation’ to transmit and receive their signals.

Even if there is not an RF-out port at the back of a decoder, it can still be used for Extra View services.

How to activate the Extra View option on DStv?

Are you setting up your DStv Extra View in Nigeria? Before you get started with the activation, make sure that all of your decoders are listening to channel 100 and that the primary decoder is sending a regular heartbeat signal (every 2-3 minutes) to the secondary decoders.

If this isn’t done, then secondary decoders will display an error code (E 143) which means that no data is being sent between them.

How to determine whether your decoder is utilizing an Xtraview

To check if your decoder is ready for the additional view, simply press the ‘Help’ button on your remote control, scroll down to ‘General Information’ and then go to ‘Extra View’.

If all is in order, give Multichoice a call on 0803 900 3788 (Nigeria only) and they’ll help you activate your DStv Xtraview.

Alternatively, you can contact any nearby DStv representative to initiate Extra View.

Is DStv Extra View free?

No, DStv Extra View is not free. There is a fee associated with the service depending on the subscription package you choose. An installation fee may also be applicable.

How much is extra view for DStv in Nigeria?

Answer: The cost for Extra View depends on the package you wish to view, but a basic setup cost is around N2,000.

Monthly prices will vary from package to package, so be sure to check out https://www.dstv.com/nigeria/packages and compare options before making your choice.

How much does Nigerian DStv Compact Plus Extra View cost?

The cost of a DStv Compact Plus Extra View subscription in Nigeria is currently N19,500 per month. This plan offers you over 135 TV and audio channels for you to enjoy.

How Much Is Dstv Premium Extra View In Nigeria

DStv Premium Extra View costs about ₦42,000 for 12 months in Nigeria. This includes installation and access to more than 185 channels and 14 HD channels.

How To Pay For Dstv Extra View

Customers in Nigeria can pay for their DStv Extra View subscription online via the Quickteller website or through the banks’ USSD services.

You can also pay for your subscription at an authorized DStv partner near you, or use the DStv Now mobile app to buy the package that’s right for you.

Dstv Extra View Channels

The DStv extra view package in Nigeria is made up of over 180 TV and Audio channels, with children’s channels such as Disney Channel, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon and Boomerang on Entertainment Plus.

Sports fans can enjoy SuperSport and EPL content, while movie lovers will be delighted to know that M-Net Movies 1 & 2, Box Office, Star Movies Africa and Studio Universal are available on the Extra View Package.

How To Connect Explora And Hd Pvr For Xtraview

To connect your Explora and HD PVR decoders for Xtraview, you will need to use a single coaxial cable.

Start by connecting the cable from the satellite inlet at the back of your Explora to the satellite inlet of your HD PVR decoder.

Then connect the other end of the cable from the TV out port on your HD PVR to the auxiliary port of your Explora.

Lastly, pair both devices using the remote control.

How Do I Cancel My Dstv Extra View

To cancel your DStv Extra View in Nigeria, you will need to contact the DStv Call Centre at +234 8070 9400 or visit any MultiChoice Service Centre.

You will then be required to provide proof of identification as well as the necessary details and information related to the cancellation.

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