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Free Channels On Dstv Kenya Listed FULLY


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Free Channels On Dstv Kenya

In 2015, Kenya officially switched over their television broadcasts from analogue to digital with the Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT).

As a result, TVs now require a set top box in order to access Free-to-Air channels. The lower cost of setting up a TV station means that Kenya has seen an increase of new channels which have been a great boon for the public.

With these free channels on DStv Kenya, viewers have more choices than ever before when it comes to selecting what they want to watch.

If you are a DStv subscriber in Kenya, you have access to a number of free-to-air channels, without the need for a separate set top box.

These channels include popular Kenyan TV stations, such as KTN and Citizen TV, which can be accessed through your pay TV subscription.

 So if you’re looking to watch some of your favourite Kenyan channels without the extra cost of an additional set top box, DStv may be the solution for you!

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Free To Air Channels On Dstv Kenya

K24Citizen TVGBS TV
Heritage TV3 stones TVExpress TV
Kass TVKiss TVFamily TV
Sayare TVLVTV (Lake Victoria TV)Gor TV
Senate TVAviation TVHope TV
Revival TelevisionFountain TelevisionBazaar TV
Dream TelevisionGE TVJoy Television
Property TelevisionTV10Youth TV
AdventistDeliveranceVision TV
W-TVImani TVDaystar TV


You can see now that DSTV Kenya offers a range of free-to-air channels accessible to every DSTV customer in that country. So go ahead and enjoy over 45 free-to-air television channels and many radio stations from DStv across Kenya with no monthly subscription or renewal. Get access to all the entertainment you want for your family with news, music, entertainment, sports, cartoons and more. You’ll never be short of options with something new and exciting coming up every day! See which channel is free on DSTV Nigeria.

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